Is Cristiano Ronaldo Finally Back To His Goal Scoring Ways?

After an injury in the final match of the Euro 2016 tournament, Cristiano Ronaldo has slowly been returning to his previous form. With two great performances during the international break, could he finally be back to his goal scoring ways?

Cristiano Ronaldo of Portugal reacts during the 2018 FIFA World Cup Qualifiers matches between Portugal and Andorra in Municipal de Aveiro Stadium on October 7, 2016 in Aveiro, Portugal. (Photo by Paulo Oliveira / DPI / NurPhoto via Getty Images)

To say that Cristiano Ronaldo has been bad since his return would be a lie. The Portuguese forward scored in the first five minutes of his season debut, scored vs Lisbon and Dortmund in the Champions League, and was an important figure in the match vs Eibar.

One thing has been missing though: His clinical accuracy in front of the goal. He currently isn’t even in the top 10 scorers this season with only one goal in La Liga. That’s a far cry from his 36 league goals last season.

It seems that may change after this international break. He not only scored in both matches, but netted six times in total. That’s the same amount as he scored in the Euro 2016 tournament and this season (in all tournaments) combined.

With 7 of his 9 shots on target and a conversion rate of 85%, he almost seems like a completely different Cristiano Ronaldo than we’ve been seeing this season. He also had 90% passing accuracy, with 74 of his 82 passes being completed.

While it can be argued that the goals were scored vs Andorra and The Faroe Islands, who are hardly world class teams, it doesn’t take away from the fact that this will provide a much needed confidence boost. International breaks are known for causing players to dip in form, but it’ll be interesting to see if this has the opposite effect on the Portuguese superstar.

What do you think? Will Cristiano Ronaldo benefit from this International Break? Will his form carry over to La Liga? Let us know in the comments below.