The Real Champs Podcast Episode 6 – Real Madrid’s Champions League Draw

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The Real Champs Podcast is back with episode 6. In this episode, Alex McVey and Luis Castillo are on the mic breaking down the Champions League draw and Real Madrid’s upcoming match with Valencia.

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We ask whether Real Madrid is done in the transfer market, whether Madrid is running a risk by not signing any more new players, and whether Madrid’s current players have what it takes to cover for the goal contributions that Madrid have let go this summer. Some of the statistics from this part of the pod include:

  • James Rodriguez contributed to sixteen goals, (goals and assists) last season across LA Liga and UCL.
  • Alvaro Morata contributed to 23 goals  (goals and assists) last season across La Liga and UCL.

We ask some squad questions about what to do with Asensio vs Bale.

We get into the debate over who is the tougher draw for Real Madrid: Tottenham or Dortmund?

We also discuss Keylor Navas spectacular start to the season, and ask whether Navas may have fixed the form issues that plagued him a the beginning of last season.

Of course, the podcast wouldn’t be complete without a discussion of Sergio Ramos and Cristiano Ronaldo’s boneheaded decisions in getting themselves sent off and banned.

We ask whether Ousmane Dembele is the solution to the crises at Barcelona, and whether or not Atletico Madrid pose a bigger threat to Real Madrid’s title hopes than the Catalans this season.

Finally, we preview the upcoming Valencia match, look at some of the things that have changed this season for Valencia, and offer our predictions of the scoreline.

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