How much would Real Madrid have to pay Kylian Mbappe as a free agent?

The word free signing does not exactly actually exist in the world of football. For example, Real Madrid signed David Alaba as a free agent this summer for Bayern Munich after his contract ran out. Was Alaba actually a free-of-cost signing?

No, the Merengues paid the Austrian 17.7 million euros as a signing on-fee while his agent received 5.2 million and his father received 6.3 million euros, according to Marca.

Overall, Real Madrid paid approximately 30 million euros for a so-called “free signing”. Now you must be thinking why I’ve brought this topic up about free signings. Kylian Mbappe who was Madrid’s priority of the summer could now be signed as a “free signing” next year when his current contract with Paris Saint-Germain runs out.

Theoretically speaking Mbaope will indeed be a free signing in Real Madrid’s financial books but how much would Los Blancos actually end up paying the Frenchman?

According to Marca, the 22-year-old has already shown sincere commitment towards securing a move to the Spanish capital. He’s rejected six grand renewals from PSG and Real Madrid in return plan to offer him the club’s highest ever signing on a fee.

Real Madrid may have to pay 80 million euros for Kylian Mbappe up-front

At Marca, they estimate a total of 80 million euros would be spent on signing Mbappe which includes the signing on fee, commissions, and other such overhead expenses. While 80 million euros is certainly a lot less money compared to the 200 million Madrid were willing to spend now, it’s still very very far from being an absolute free transfer.

Would 80 million euros actually matter a lot to Real Madrid? In my opinion, it would be a drop in the ocean for Los Blancos. They were initially willing to spend up to 200-220 million euros for Mbappe a few weeks ago and now 80 million euros would be nothing but a bargain.

The club would also easily regenerate that amount as the likes of Gareth Bale, Isco and Marcelo have their contracts running out which would free up the wage bill.

The club could also look into the options of offloading Luka Jovic if Haaland is signed cause there’s no point having Karim Benzema and Jovic along with the Norwegian.

Eden Hazard could also be shown the door if he fails to turn up this season. While he is on a contract until 2024, Hazard is certainly living on borrowed time if he does not perform this season. Vinicius Jr has already been turning heads at the Spanish capital and the Brazilian started over the fully-fit Belgian against Levante before the international break.