Real Madrid: The Perks of Being a Real Madrid Fan

(Photo by Michael Owens /Sports Illustrated/Getty Images)(Set Number: SI460 TK1 )
(Photo by Michael Owens /Sports Illustrated/Getty Images)(Set Number: SI460 TK1 ) /

Summer window transfer can the most frustrating 3 months for fans. I have a chance to be part of a blog in which a lot of Real Madrid and other clubs fans show their frustration toward the transfer window.

Real Madrid Manager Zinedine Zidane have yet to make a big signing this transfer window. The only signing he was able to make is activating Morata buyout clause from Juventus for a small fee. He decided to make use of young players returning from loan and make players who got less minutes last season.

Prior to Mourinho, president Fiorentino Perez used to influenced managers’ decisions on which players to buy. Real Madrid would shell out millions every summer to bring in Galacticos! Perez have been criticized by teams, coaches, fans and pundits for buying success.

Castilla has always been able to produce great players who are never given a chance in the first team. Weould rather spend on proven players instead of being patient with our youth prospects. Most of these young players are able to find success at other clubs.

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Even with all those big name signings, Real Madrid were not able to win trophies consistently. Barcelona were winning majority of the trophies and their success was built on their homegrown talents.

After Mourinho left the club, we have seen big name signings. Gareth Bale and James Rodriguez were brought into the club for a lot of money! Wonderful players such as Ozil and Angel Di Maria were forced to leave the club. We buy player just for the sake of buying players. Even if these players do not play in their respective position, we force them to. Overtime, they become dead-weight on the club, manager(s) because we change managers very often.

What Zidane Brings as Real Madrid Manager

With the appointment of Zinedine Zidane, things started to change. He isn’t afraid to bench players and make the necessary changes to be successful. He benched James Rodriguez (one of the dead-weight) and chose a less glamorous player such as Casemiro for every big games.

Zidane knows the importance of having a cohesive team and he isn’t afraid to make the necessary changes to make that happen. He values balance and players’ form over names and isn’t afraid to bench players that are not part of his tactics.

Inpatient Fans

Since the beginning of this transfer window, Real Madrid have made only on one signing. However, they were able to bring back Asensio and Coentroa from loan into the first team. little by little, the days are going by. Rumors make us believe Zidane is ready to sign a Galactico. Players such as Kante, Pogba, Alaba and even Krychowiak were tied to the club only to be signed by other clubs.

As the days goes by, fans become more impatient. They are eagerly waiting for the next Galactico. They are eagerly waiting for Zidane and Perez to make the move. These are the same fans that crucified Perez and many other coaches for tinkering with the team.

A lot of fans do not want to see player such as Casemiro be a starter. They fail to see the balance Casemiro brings to our team. They want an “upgrade” or someone who can “pass the ball better.” We are quick to give up on our own players because they have not performed well. A couple seasons a go Modric was voted the worse signing of the season in La Liga and fans were quick to criticized without taking the situation into perspective.

Modric had just signed for the club. He doesn’t speak Spanish and he wasn’t used to the way the league is. He needed time. But at Madrid, time is just a case of now. Either it is now or it is never and we don’t really care enough to wait for later. Patience is a virtue! Modric is now the best midfielder in the world.

Most fans do not think of the players we have in the club. There are players in Real Madrid who are begging for minutes. There are players who deserve to have more playing time, yet Zidane can’t adequately afford to give them that.

The Past

We have a group of players who have the potential to be the best in the world, why would we want to buy more players and hinder their potential? It wasn’t such so long ago fans were hyping Isco as the next Iniesta. Now, some of these thinks Isco has already peak and is only regressing. Isco has not been able to play consistently…of course, he is bound to take a step back or two.  Isco is only 24 years old and fans have already given up on him. Iniesta became the player we know today at the age of 27. Unlike Isco, Iniesta had the chance to play consistently to sharpen his craft.

Until recently, Isco had 4 players ahead of him. Modric, Casemiro, Kroos and even James were all ahead of Isco. Of all the players at Real Madrid, Isco has been the one who have sacrificed the most to get relevant minutes.

He transitioned from CAM, LAM and now CM. He worked hard under Ancelotti and he is now able to play in CM with confidence. Isco was the engine behind Real Madrid’s 22 winning streak. When James, Bale and Modric injured, Isco took the mantle. He was the player who connected the midfield to the attack. He chased every ball and never once did he complained. He was the creativity and the spark needed for us to beat team.

The fans and the crowd used to sing his name. The song “Isco, Isco, Isco” were chanted with bowing motion all around Santiago Bernabeu. He was our savior then and now he is just another player on the squad. Just another player fans would be more than happy to see go.

The Case of King James

James Rodriguez is one of those players that could be playing for another club right now after his stellar performances at the 2014 world cup. He was a hot commodity and he chose us. James made it clear he would rather play for Real Madrid than any other club in the world. He was sought after by many clubs but he refused them all for us.

This summer with speculation of him leaving the club, he came out and voiced his opinion. He said

Real Madrid
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there are clubs who offered over 80 million for his service but he want to stay.

He said he will stay and fight for his position knowing playing-time is not guarantee. James loves the club and he could go anywhere, play a lot more consistently, and possibly even earn more. He chose to stay here in Madrid.

We have seen what James is capable of with consistent playing-time. He was voted the best midfielder in La Liga in his debut season. He is a dream player any manager would be lucky to have and I have no doubt Zidane will make use of him.

Ronaldo also has been fans target in the beginning of last season during his poor stretch of games. Bale was also targeted by fans in Madrid and all around the globe for bad performances.

We Are Perez’s Disciples

There is an expression that says “You are as good as your last game.” This is absolutely true when it comes to Real Madrid fans. We are quick to forget what our own player is capable of and to us, grass seems to always be greener on the other. We want that grass now no matter the cost and we are ready to do anything to get it.

Real Madrid have a group of players any team in the world would love to have and we take them for granted in their poor stretch of form.

Yes, I understand we are the biggest club in the world and demands are high. But we have to keep in mind and know that these players are also human being. These are not robot! These are humans.

Real Madrid
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Humans that have emotions and can’t always give their 100%. They have families and issues that could be affecting their performances.

Perez has spoiled us and his Galactico policy has been ingrained in us. Slowly but surely, it has been growing and we have come to think like he does. He is one man we all have criticized for the things we are now doing. He has changed our mind and views to the point that I am afraid to say, “we are Perez’s disciples!”