The Madrid Derby: Real Madrid Player Ratings

MADRID, SPAIN - APRIL 08: Dani Carvajal of Real Madrid looks on after Club Atletico de Madrid scored the equalizing goal during the La Liga match between Real Madrid CF and Club Atletico de Madrid at Bernabeu on April 8, 2017 in Madrid, Spain. (Photo by Denis Doyle/Getty Images)
MADRID, SPAIN - APRIL 08: Dani Carvajal of Real Madrid looks on after Club Atletico de Madrid scored the equalizing goal during the La Liga match between Real Madrid CF and Club Atletico de Madrid at Bernabeu on April 8, 2017 in Madrid, Spain. (Photo by Denis Doyle/Getty Images) /

Many people consider the Madrid Derby one of the best crosstown rivalries in the world. It’s not hard to see why: Saturday provided a nail-biter of a match. After dominating most of the match, Real Madrid conceded a late goal which gave Atletico an undeserved tie. Luis Casillo takes a look at the Real player ratings for the match.

All match ratings are based on a 1-10 rating system

ZINEDINE ZIDANE. 7. It’s hard to rate Zidane’s performance in from this match. On one hand, the attacking play was almost flawless after Real Madrid composed themselves, and they came out revitalized in the second half. This is no doubt attributed to how he handled the tough match in the locker room during the halftime break.<p class=. Manager. Real Madrid

Starting XI

Real Madrid. KEYLOR NAVAS. 8. Keylor Navas might be the hardest player to categorize. He’s been far too inconsistent this season, which has led many of us to speculate if he’ll probably be transferred in the summer. But then he has performances like the one he gave in this match, and you can’t help but think, “Man, if he can keep this up he’s definitely world class.” What a match from the Costa Rican keeper. He was on his toes the whole match and stopped every counterattack shot from Antoine Griezmann and Fernando Torres. It’s unfortunate that he had to go through the heartbreak of conceding in the final minutes, but you can’t attribute it to bad keeping. If he can consistently perform at this level, he’s definitely Real Madrid first team material.. Goalkeeper

Left Back. Real Madrid. MARCELO . 7. Another classic Marcelo performance. Great attacking, questionable defending. He was involved in almost all attacks on the left wing, which we’ve come to expect from Marcelo. He did, however, lose the player he was covering multiple times which led to some scares in the first half. Zidane clearly talked to him, because he was more focused on defending the second half.

6. A questionable match for the team captain. Sergio Ramos was below average in his positioning, but we’ve come to expect that from him. The main issues with him comes down to two factors: his inability to influence the match and his massive error. Sergio Ramos shares the blame with Zidane for dropping 2 points. He’s the team captain; its his job to lead on the pitch, especially when it comes to defense. Then there’s that key moment in the match when he gifted Griezmann the ball. Had Griezmann scored, it would be an unforgivable act, but thankfully it didn’t play out like that.. Center Back. Real Madrid. SERGIO RAMOS

Real Madrid. PEPE (MOTM). 8. It baffles me how Real Madrid haven’t offered Pepe a contract extension. Another great performance from the world class Portuguese defender. He is consistently solid when it comes to defending, which is more than we can say for any of the other center backs, and he gifted Real the only goal of the match. It’s a pity that Toni Kroos accidentally injured him. Hopefully he’ll miraculously recover for the second leg of the Bayern Munich match and for El Clasico because Zidane clearly needs him in the starting XI.. Centre Back

Real Madrid. DANI CARVAJAL. 6. Carvajal had a mixed night. While he did a good job of defending the right back position for most of the match, he was partially at fault for the Griezmann equalizer. He failed to stop the through ball Correa placed for Griezmann, which we all know was among the biggest mistakes of the match. He did however manage to contain Koke for the most part, however.. Right Back

7. The Brazilian played a respectable match. He provided the most tackles and interceptions of any Real Madrid player, with 6 tackles and 3 interceptions. He did his job for the most part, but was caught by Atletico Madrid a couple times on the counter. He started the match off in bad form before completely changing his game in the 15th minute. His performance only got better from there, until the 75th minute. Everything after that was a free fall performance-wise. He did complete 94% of his passes, linking up well with his fellow midfielders. Unfortunately for him, the 3 passes he failed were key moments in the match for Atletico Madrid.. Defensive Midfielder. Real Madrid. CASEMIRO

Real Madrid. LUKA MODRIC. 8. After some uncharacteristically unsatisfactory performances, the Modric we know and love made a return in this match. As with most of the midfield, he had a slow start, but everything after the 30th minute was amazing. He finished with 91% percent passing accuracy, one of which was a key pass to Cristiano Ronaldo for the shot that was saved off the goal line by Savic. He took 3 shots (although all of them were blocked) and attempted 3 takes ons, 2 of which were successful. The stats speak for themselves.. Midfielder

7. The glue that holds the Real Madrid midfield together had a respectable showing. He had the slowest start out of all the midfield, taking until halftime to really turn things up a notch. 90% pass accuracy with 6 chances created, one beautiful assist from a free kick, and 2 vital tackles in his own third. Not a bad performance from Kroos.. Midfielder. Real Madrid. TONI KROOS

CRISTIANO RONALDO. 7.5. It was a respectable performance from the Portuguese talisman. 80% passing accuracy, 9 attempted take ons, 3 chances created, and one beautifully taken shot. It’s lamentable that the shot was stopped by Savic and his incredibly good (lucky?) positioning in that play. He would have earned an 8 had he scored. Unlucky, Cristiano, unlucky.. Left Winger. Real Madrid

Real Madrid. KARIM BENZEMA. 7. Benzema was also unlucky not to score this match. Two out of his three shots induced some great saves from Jan Oblak. He partnered well with Cristiano, linking up play and having generally good chemistry on the pitch. It’s nice to see him finally start returning to form.. Striker

Real Madrid. GARETH BALE. 6. This rating is tough for me. Gareth Bale is among my favorite players, but I have no idea why it’s taking him so long to regain his form after injury. He went missing for most of the match, offering almost nothing going forward. That’s unacceptable from one of the members of the most feared attacking trios in the world. If there’s any consolation, it’s that he at least completed 100% of the tackles and interceptions he attempted. That and the two take ons in Real Madrid’s own half.. Right Winger


Nacho came on for Pepe in the 67th minute. And he looked lost for the remainder of the match. He was 100% at fault for the late Griezmann goal. He completely lost his mark on him, which is the main job of a center back. With all of Real Madrid’s center backs injured (with the exception of Ramos), Nacho is gonna need to step up big time in the following weeks. Bayern Munich is coming in hot, and if Nacho plays like he did this match, Real Madrid are in for a long night.. Centre Back. Real Madrid. NACHO . 5

Isco came on for Toni Kroos in the 76th minute. Couldn’t offer the control or passing prowess that Kroos did, but at least he didn’t mess the midfield up.. Midfielder. Real Madrid. ISCO ALARCON. 6

Real Madrid. LUCAS VAZQUEZ. N/A. Vasquez came on for Gareth Bale in the 81st minute. There wasn’t enough gameplay from him to give an accurate rating, but his substitution marked a switch to a 4-4-2.. Right Winger