Champions At Last: Real Madrid Player Ratings vs Malaga

MALAGA, SPAIN - MAY 21: The Real Madrid team line up during the La Liga match between Malaga and Real Madrid at La Rosaleda Stadium on May 21, 2017 in Malaga, Spain. (Photo by Aitor Alcalde/Getty Images)
MALAGA, SPAIN - MAY 21: The Real Madrid team line up during the La Liga match between Malaga and Real Madrid at La Rosaleda Stadium on May 21, 2017 in Malaga, Spain. (Photo by Aitor Alcalde/Getty Images) /

After four long years, Real Madrid are once again the best team in La Liga. They went through constant injury scares, ups and downs, and tons of player drama which all led to the final match day deciding who would win the league title. Here’s how Real Madrid dealt with the pressure the final match day brought:

8. Zinedine Zidane is a coach we’ve seen grow in a just over a year. He looks to keep getting better as time goes on, and the final match vs Malaga was no different. Gone are the days of ties and late (some might say undeserved) wins. Real Madrid look infinitely more dominant and Zidane’s decision to move to a 4-3-1-2, AKA diamond 4-4-2, has given the side the link up needed between the 3 midfielders and the strikers. Zidane could’ve opted for a 4-3-3 with Vazquez in on the right wing but thanks to his choice to play with a classic 10 at the end of the campaign, the side looked more creative than they have all season. His substitutions didn’t really change the match, but they were good nonetheless.. Manager. Real Madrid. ZINEDINE ZIDANE

I have never been happier to be wrong. After a terrible start to the season, Keylor Navas looks to be in the best form possible at the time we need him the most! Navas was instrumental in the victory with a performance worthy of man of the match. If 7 crucial saves in the deciding match isn’t enough to warrant him staying as the first choice goalkeeper, I don’t know what is.. Keeper. Real Madrid. KEYLOR NAVAS (MOTM). 10

Right Back. Real Madrid. DANILO . 8. Surprisingly solid throughout the match. While Malaga chose to try and exploit his flank the most, he managed 6 key clearances and looked on for most of the match. He did have some low points, like failing all of his attempted take ons, but he looks to be getting better with his recent playing time increased.

Real Madrid. RAPHAEL VARANE. 7.5. Varane had a mixed match. He didn’t look as convincing as he has in recent matches for most of the match, but was when he flipped the switch, he was great. To put things into perspective, he didn’t manage a single tackle BUT he made 4 key clearances in the second half. He was outpaced and outplayed by Sandro in what was a dangerous play BUT he assisted Karim Benzema for the second goal of the match. He was also great with his ball distribution, with 92% of the passes finding their target.. Centre Back

7.5. Solid defensively and offered his usual rough and tumble style of play with 4 fouls committed. Had one error when he allowed Keko to get a pass off to Camacho that could’ve brought Malaga level at the start of the second half. Thankfully he recovered and was a key player in the Real Madrid goal.. Centre Back. Real Madrid. SERGIO RAMOS

7. I never thought I’d be writing this but Marcelo was one of the weak links for Real Madrid. Didn’t really have anything to do defensively due to Malaga opting to attack through the middle or trying to exploit Danilo. He also didn’t accomplish anything going forward with the exception of a dangerous cross. I’m willing to bet Zidane instructed him to play as conservatively as possible, but he just didn’t have much to do the whole match. Right Back. Real Madrid. MARCELO

Tireless throughout the match, Casemiro played his part well. Instead of being the defensive wall he’s usually asked to be, he was tasked with pressing Malaga players constantly. His workrate was great, but he found himself chasing Malaga players without actually making many tackles or interceptions. He only made one mistake, but it was a biggie: a failed pass into Real Madrid’s box that almost ended in a goal.. Defensive Midfielder. Real Madrid. CASEMIRO . 7

9. What a game from Modric. He was a ball of energy throughout the match and was easily one of the best 3 players on the pitch for either team. 91% passing accuracy, 3 chances created, completed all of his take ons, and had 7 tackles and interceptions in the first half.. Midfielder. Real Madrid. LUKA MODRIC

The German engine was once again great on the pitch. He was less active than usual and his work rates were lower than normals, much like Marcelo. Still, his performance was nothing to scoff at. 92% passing accuracy, 2 shots on target that pulled saves from the Malaga keeper, six corners that produced 2 chances to score (the second one was the corner that ended in Benzema’s goal), and two clearances in the 54th and 65th minute in his own third.. Midfielder. Real Madrid. TONI KROOS. 7.5

7. This rating is tough for me. Isco had some good plays and a beautiful assist for Ronaldo in the 2nd minute of the match, but he kinda disappeared after that. Watching the match replay, he fell off at around the 10th minute mark, played well towards the end of the first half and then became completely invisible in the second half until James came on for him. Could it be fatigue carried over from the match on Wednesday? Maybe, but we can only hope he plays a more prominent role in Cardiff should he make the startting XI. Attacking Midfielder. Real Madrid. ISCO ALARCON

7.5. Benzema is a player that’s hard to rate, and his performance in this match was no different. Is he that striker that is a constant goal threat like a Harry Kane or a Luis Suarez? No. Don’t hate me for saying it, but it’s true. His role however, is essential to Real Madrid and it’s the reason Zidane will always choose him over Morata. His runs this match were perfect, with each one delivering on it purpose: freeing up Ronaldo and whoever else comes into the attack by pulling some defenders with him. He one of the runs he made in the first half almost ended in an assist for him had Isco been more clinical with his finish. The fact that he scored the rebound from Sergio Ramos’s shot was just the icing on the cake.. Striker. Real Madrid. KARIM BENZEMA

Real Madrid. CRISTIANO RONALDO. 8. Still as clinical as ever. He was unlucky not to pick up a second goal. He completed 93% of his passes, created 2 chances, and even had 2 clearances and a block inside the Real Madrid box. Yes, as a striker, he was important while defending. If his recent form is anything to go by, Juventus might have a tougher time than people think.. Striker