Real Madrid’s greatness is their biggest curse

GIRONA, SPAIN - OCTOBER 29: Zinedine Zidane, Manager of Real Madrid looks on prior to the La Liga match between Girona and Real Madrid at Municipal de Montilivi Stadium on October 29, 2017 in Girona, Spain. (Photo by Manuel Queimadelos Alonso/Getty Images)
GIRONA, SPAIN - OCTOBER 29: Zinedine Zidane, Manager of Real Madrid looks on prior to the La Liga match between Girona and Real Madrid at Municipal de Montilivi Stadium on October 29, 2017 in Girona, Spain. (Photo by Manuel Queimadelos Alonso/Getty Images) /

Real Madrid’s previous matches indicate that the loss against Tottenham isn’t a dip in form. Los Blancos are lacking something fundamental.


One of Zizou’s main weapons at the beginning of his tenure was motivation. The Frenchman knew how to galvanize the players before important matches. In 2016 & 2017, we saw a team that values the White Jersey.

Now, it seems like the players have lost motivation. Sure, the players’ faces and body language looks like they felt embarrassed, but where is that raging fire of Remontada? Where is that borderline-obsessive desire of silencing critics that we saw in the last two seasons?

At times like this, we were used to see Ronaldo fire shots from everywhere, and Ramos trying to pounce on every header. Even Marcelo threatened the goal when the team trailed. Things now seem different. It’s as if the players are feeling spoiled, as if they need more pressure to realize that everyone in the team is in serious trouble. Either they’ll be facing the wrath of the fans, or worse, the wrath of Florentino Perez himself.

Real Madrid are in a league of their own

Yet, it’s still a little unfair to blame the players, or even Zidane! The team is currently gluttonous with success. They are on top of the world. The fact is, whenever a team is regarded as “the best in the world” it’s natural that the players (especially the starting XI) become complacent, especially against opposition that’s not supposed to pose a serious threat.

The extra part here is that this isn’t just any team. This is REAL MADRID CLUB DE FUTBOL we are talking about. We are talking about a club whose history and present makes it by default the best in Europe. Believe it or not, but things like 33 Ligas, 12 European Cups and 11-1 in El Classico are one of the worst facts Los Merengeus’s rivals hate to admit. You might not notice it, but it’s a fact that Real is ahead of the competition around it, and by some distance.

Real Madrid in Europe is like Al Ahly SC in Egypt, or Celtic in Scotland. If you don’t know about these two, all I can tell you is that these clubs aren’t trying to reach the top anymore. They are trying to keep themselves at the top, which has become their natural place by time.

Sure, Barcelona isn’t very far like the rivals of the two former teams. In fact Barcelona has more overall trophies than Real Madrid (92 vs 89 or 90 vs 86 depending on which trophies you include). Still, it’s a long way for them before they surpass The Royal Whites in the two biggest competitions.

Barcelona’s success is relatively new. 10 years ago The Catalan had less than 20 Ligas and only 2 Champions Leagues. Even lesser Copa Del Rey. Barca is already past their golden age, and they need a total rejuvenation of the squad in order to start a new dynasty. On the other hand Real Madrid is stacking their squad with the best talent available to dominate Europe for the next 10 years.

What’s on Cristiano’s mind

To try to understand the situation, try to imagine you’re Cristiano Ronaldo. You’re the best player in the world, you’ve just won a respectable award that further proves it. A few months ago you’ve scared the hell out of your arch rivals with a super goal at their home pitch. To top it off, you celebrated like their superstar and humiliated their fans.

Go back a season earlier and you remember that you’ve annihilated every single defense that was supposed to stop you. You’ve won with your team back to back Champions Leagues, and you’re one cup away from winning as much European cups as the team that respects you the least. Why on earth would a match against Tottenham in the group stage matter to you?

Zidane’s real challenge is more than just tactics

Zidane has proved beyond doubt that he can succeed as a Real Madrid manager. The next challenge however is a harder one. That is to keep his team on top.

It won’t take just fancy tactics and new purchases. He’ll need to ingrain an even more ambitious mindset into his men. The players have to always remember that success is the result of continuous and relentless hard work. Such work ethic is the only possible way to achieve success, and to maintain it there is never any other alternative.

The situation is a really hard and complicated one. What we have to do now as fans is to support our team through and through. The team hasn’t lost its core nor the mind behind it, so a comeback is quite possible this season. Turning tables is definitely not that far fetched, and I am sure we will all enjoy it as Madridistas.

Finally, a word for our rivals: Enjoy Real’s losses as much as you can. Enjoy them like nothing else in the world. Because you know that, sooner or later, The Royal Whites will rise again, and when they do .. you probably know what happens to the other teams.


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