Real Madrid: Why Cristiano Ronaldo embodies the traits of a capitan

24th February 2018, Santiago Bernabeu, Madrid, Spain; La Liga football, Real Madrid versus Alaves; Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid) hands the ball to Karim Benzema (Real Madrid) so he can take a penalty (Photo by Shot for Press/Action Plus via Getty Images)
24th February 2018, Santiago Bernabeu, Madrid, Spain; La Liga football, Real Madrid versus Alaves; Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid) hands the ball to Karim Benzema (Real Madrid) so he can take a penalty (Photo by Shot for Press/Action Plus via Getty Images) /

This weekend Real Madrid thrashed their opponents Alavés 4-0 with Ronaldo being the focal point but for a different reason. Ronaldo showed the world that he is much more than a goalscorer, but a leader.

Real Madrid partook in Matchday 25 last weekend as they played host to Alavés at the Santiago Bernabéu.

Los Blancos blew past Alavés with Ronaldo chipping in two goals. It was a fine performance from the squad as they continued their run of wins in La Liga. Like in many matches, Ronaldo was the go-to man as he opened up the scoring, but was applauded for much more than that.

With Sergio Ramos suspended and second choice captain Marcelo still recovering from injury, the armband was handed to Cristiano Ronaldo. Over the course of the Portuguese star’s career, he has been labeled as ostentatious, prideful, and cocky, just to name a few.

His excessive celebrations and lavish lifestyle have earned him such titles so there is a reason for them, but such things were not just handed to him.

While Ronaldo boasts incredible records and accolades like his counterpart Lionel Messi of Barcelona, they are seen in very different lights.

Messi is considered to be the more conservative, selfless player, whilst Ronaldo is looked down upon for reveling in the spotlight. This weekend though, many took notice of Cristiano as he displayed himself on a different wavelength. Here’s a look at the how CR7 stunned the haters this past weekend.

Sharing the Glory

Cristiano Ronaldo had eight shots in the match against Alavés but it was through Karim Benzema’s backheel assist that he was able to snatch the lead from Real Madrid. Scoring just before halftime took a fair amount of pressure off Real but it was his celebration that was just as big.

After the sweet finish, Ronaldo jogged over to the corner flag, such is Ronaldo fashion, but on his way there what he did was very different. While making his light jog over, Cristiano made sure to point to striker Karim Benzema making sure the fans understood where the goal came from.

Karim has taken a considerable amount of flack from fans with a poor start to the season. Ronaldo made sure that those in attendance would lay off his teammate and applaud his efforts as well.

Giving up the Penalty

Imagine this, Ronaldo has now scored 300 La Liga goals for Real Madrid with the possibility of picking up goal 301. Not only has he scored a ridiculous amount of goals, that 301st goal could mean a hattrick for the star man.

Goal 301 could also be his 50th career hattrick. The football God’s had written it all out so perfectly, but Ronaldo elected not to seize the opportunity.

In the dying minutes of the match, Gareth Bale was brought down just inside the box. As per usual, Ronaldo walks over to pick up the ball and over to the penalty spot, in unlikely fashion, he handed it to Benzema. Ronaldo put aside his personal records and achievements for the betterment of his teammates’ morale.

Karim was already having a wonderful game having assisted both Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale’s but his goal was the cherry on the top. Not only was the goal a great moment for Karim, but it now has him tied with legend Gento at 126 goals.


If Saturday’s performance against Alavés does not dismantle the negative sentiments of Ronaldo, I’m not quite sure what will. Apart from his public image what Cristiano displayed this weekend meant so much more.

"“Cristiano’s gesture speaks volumes for the type of team this is and how he is as a person. We’re all pulling in the same direction and we have to show our unity more than ever. We’re thrilled with Karim’s goal, as teammates, we have to stick together. We’re always going to fight for each other and while there is a lot of talk about Karim at the moment, we have to support one another.” -Keylor Navas on Ronaldo’s selflessness and Karims goal"

Ronaldo’s ability to pick up the slack has been ever-present, but this demonstration of selflessness has shown that he truly is a leader in every right. Putting the team above himself shows his maturity and determination for his club to be successful.

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Ronaldo has expressed in pre and post-match interviews the importance of all the players but showcased that sentiment when everyone was watching. His ability to understand that his teammate was going through a rough patch and making fans understand his contribution was commendable.

The team morale is high with consecutive wins in La Liga and a wealth of goals that has come from it, let’s hope that this energy will propel them in the second-leg against Paris Saint-Germain.

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