Real Madrid : Eden Hazard should start on the right-wing

Eden Hazard of Real Madrid (Photo by Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images)
Eden Hazard of Real Madrid (Photo by Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images) /

The Belgium star spent some time out on the right-wing in the win over Eibar and performed well.

Los Blancos have suffered hugely this season when it comes to the attack. They’ve lacked creativity in the final third this season especially against teams that sit in a low block. Much of this is down to the unavailability of what could be said as Zinedine Zidane‘s preferred front three.

When all players are fit and based on preseason games, it looked like Zidane would increasingly use Eden Hazard, Karim Benzema, and Marco Asensio when using the 4-3-3.

But, the ACL injury to Asensio and Hazard’s recurring ankle issues meant Zidane missed two of his preferred starters.

The boss has made do with the youngsters and at times, an out of form Gareth Bale. While Vinicius Jr. took the opportunity and made the left-wing his own during Hazard’s absence, Real Madrid has lacked someone who could do the same on the right-wing.

While Rodrygo Goes has delivered some good performances down the right, he has been far too inconsistent to start all games for the team. The other options for right-wing include an out of form Bale and the hard-working Lucas Vazquez, who just isn’t cut out to be a regular starter for the Whites.

Brahim Diaz hasn’t been given any chances to play hence he is completely out of the equation.

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This lack of right-wing option has hurt Real Madrid in many ways this season. They’ve had to rely on Vinicius Jr. from the left-wing for creativity in the final third.

On the right, Dani Carvajal has sometimes been the sole source of chance creation. Playing Vinicius Jr. on the right has also not turned out well with the Brazilian teenager just not as good as he is on the left.

While Marco Asensio has returned from his injury, it will still take him time to play normally on the pitch. The lack of a right-winger can be solved, at least temporarily, by playing Eden Hazard on that wing. Hazard played on that wing against Eibar for some time when he and Rodrygo switched flanks.

The Belgian played well on the wing in that duration and played better than any of the options the team has. He has also played on that wing numerous times during his career. He is well accustomed to it and can certainly make a difference on that side. It would certainly bolster the whites’ right-wing significantly.

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Another advantage that the team gets by playing Hazard on the right is that Vinicius gets to start in his favorite spot. This will not hinder his development and allow Madrid to have two impressive players on both their wings which will only benefit the attack.

The coach should definitely give this front three a chance and see if it works well. Los Blancos might just have their right-wing solution figured out.

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