Real Madrid: Dani Carvajal’s importance to the team is showing

Real Madrid, Dani Carvajal (Photo by Baldesca/DeFodi Images via Getty Images)
Real Madrid, Dani Carvajal (Photo by Baldesca/DeFodi Images via Getty Images) /

Real Madrid lost to Cadiz last weekend, and the absence of their fullback Dani Carvajal is noticed.

Real Madrid is still struggling to find more goals. Los Blancos have scored just six goals in five games in the new La Liga campaign. Dani Carvajal always helps the attack and create a lot of chances on the wings. The Spaniard got injured earlier this month and is expected to be sidelined for at least two months.

There are several players who are capable to fill Carva’s boot. Eder Militao, Lucas Vazquez, Nacho, and Álvaro Odriozola all are able to fit in that position, unfortunately, Álvaro Odriozola got injured, and his natural position is also right back. The rest of the options are not natural fullbacks.

After Carvajal’s injury, he missed a couple of games in which Nacho started as a right back. Nacho is a versatile player he can play anywhere in the backline, but he is not as good as Carvajal in the attacking phase. Nacho is good is defensive but he lacks experience in the offensive phase. Zidane is highly dependent on attacking fullbacks, and he missed Carvajal in the game against Cadiz.

Real Madrid is having a tough time creating chances without Dani Carvajal

The forward line is struggling in creating goal chances, and Zidane knows this. He is highly dependent on midfielders and fullbacks to create. With Carvajal and Odriozola out he has no natural right back in his squad. In the game against Cadiz, the crosses from Nacho were not up to the mark.

Real Madrid sold Achraf Hakimi this season, and it was shocking for the fans. He was an ideal backup for Carvajal but the player and the club had other plans. With this Zidane is only left with Lucas Vazquez as he would help in the attacking phase on the wings. Eder Militao is one more option as he played as a fullback in Porto, but I don’t think he will help much in the fullback position.

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It’s high time for Real Madrid and Zidane there are lots of important matches ahead this month. Someone needs to step up and take that fullback role. And for Carvajal, we can only hope he recovers as soon as possible.