Real Madrid Transfers: 5 possible midfielders to target going into 2021

Manchester United, Paul Pogba (Photo credit should read ROBERT ATANASOVSKI/AFP via Getty Images)
Manchester United, Paul Pogba (Photo credit should read ROBERT ATANASOVSKI/AFP via Getty Images) /
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Manchester United, Paul Pogba
Manchester United, Paul Pogba (Photo by Clive Brunskill/Getty Images) /

Manchester United CM Paul Pogba

It seems like Manchester United have delayed the inevitable with Paul Pogba for over a year, because it’s been clear to many fans that the superstar midfielder has needed a change of scenery. When Real showed interest in Pogba in 2019, at the request of Zinedine Zidane himself, they had to balk at United’s ridiculous asking price of well over 100 million euros.

Madrid would surely have to pay much, much less to sign Pogba next summer, because United will have to make their demands much more realistic with Pogba making it public that he is going to be done with the team. And everyone knows he dreams of playing for Real with Zidane at the helm.

A move to Los Blancos could help Pogba fulfill his potential as a Ballon d’Or-level midfielder. The man has made passes that most players can only dream about. His technical quality is off-the-charts, and while he is too good offensively to be a defensive midfielder, he can excel in a deeper-lying role with his intelligence. Pogba is a footballer through and through, and as we have seen for both Juventus and the French national team, he will fight for a team that shows him respect. Ole Gunnar Solksjaer’s Manchester United is a cruel joke.

Pogba looked like a dead-in-the-water transfer even just a few months ago, but I’m beginning to think that the pieces of the puzzle are lining up for Zidane to get his dream move. But the most important piece is money. I believe Real can find a way to have Fede Valverde and Pogba in the same side, however, can they afford both Pogba and a superstar attacker? The latter is the priority, though Pogba would be a huge help and the kind of superstar Florentino Perez craves.

I still view a Pogba transfer as unlikely, and Juventus would be my pick to sign him. But you cannot count a Real move out either.