Real Madrid Femenino: 5 things we have learned from the 2020-21 season thus far

Real Madrid Femenino, Kosovare Asllani (Photo by Mateo Villalba/Quality Sport Images/Getty Images)
Real Madrid Femenino, Kosovare Asllani (Photo by Mateo Villalba/Quality Sport Images/Getty Images) /
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Real Madrid Femenino, Babett Peter
Real Madrid Femenino, Babett Peter (Photo by Diego Souto/Quality Sport Images/Getty Images) /

Defensive problems

Real Madrid Femenino has conceded 14 goals so far this season, four of which came in the opener against Barcelona. If we take that away the resulting figure doesn’t look as bad but even then Real Madrid’s defence hasn’t been a strong suit for the side.

Ivana, Babett, Kenti, and Corredera form Real Madrid’s starting backline with Claudia and Olga filling in whenever necessary. Despite there being good individual defenders in that list, as a unit, Real Madrid’s backline looks shaky and easy for opponents to get past, especially during set-pieces. Real Madrid is often caught ball watching or not picking their markers during a set-piece situation.

The right side for Las Blancas has been quite porous given Corredera’s struggles in a 1v1 against her opposition winger. Real Madrid’s backline offers way too much space in behind for the opponents to run in behind, often calling Misa way out of her box to clear the danger. Ivana is a bit aggressive in her challenges, often quickly getting off her mark to stop the attack, she pulls it off more often than not but when it doesn’t come off it leaves the team vulnerable.

Most defensive issues for Las Blancas can be rectified by a few coaching instructions in the training ground and this should be the goal going into the new year for them.

Misa Madness

One of the main reasons Real Madrid have only conceded 14 goals is our 21 year-old goalkeeper, Maria Isabel Rodriguez. Despite conceding four goals against Barcelona in the league opener, Misa was arguably one of the best performers in that game pulling off ridiculous saves to keep Real Madrid in the game.

Misa has looked incredible between the sticks and coming off her line to clear the danger as she is so often called upon. Her distribution with the feet is great along with it. She doesn’t hesitate to be an imposing figure at the back, constantly shouting orders at her defenders. She exudes a confidence that’s infectious.

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She gives it her all in every save and as a fan that’s a delight to watch knowing there’s a wall-like presence even if our defensive line is breached. Her saves so far this season can make a compilation of their own and the hand-eye coordination during these saves and her ability to read the attack and make the right choices, make her move seem extremely promising.