Real Madrid: The key reason Sergio Ramos hasn’t signed an extension

Sergio Ramos of Real Madrid (Photo by Diego Souto/Quality Sport Images/Getty Images)
Sergio Ramos of Real Madrid (Photo by Diego Souto/Quality Sport Images/Getty Images) /

Real Madrid need to re-sign Sergio Ramos before his contract expires, but why has it been so difficult to reach an agreement?

Amidst strong rumors linking veteran Bayern Munich defender David Alaba to Real Madrid, some fans of the Royal Whites are becoming worried about the future of captain Sergio Ramos with each passing day no agreement is announced.

Ramos is one of the most vital players to the club for his leadership, world-class defending, second-to-none build-up play, and legendary goal-scoring prowess at the position. He is necessary to the team, and, therefore, extending him must be a priority. You would think that both sides would see the importance of getting a deal done.

However, there’s reportedly a very specific reason for the current impasse between Sergio Ramos and Real Madrid. According to MARCA’s Jose Felix Diaz, it all goes back to an issue that was raised well before both parties even started negotiating in the 2020-2021 season. And that’s the length of the extension.

Real Madrid have a strict renewal policy

Los Blancos have a policy that they would like to apply universally. Their policy is simple: No player over the age of 30 gets more than a year-by-year deal. Look at Luka Modric, for example. He has been Real’s best player in 2020-2021, yet he was willing to sign a one-year extension and take it a year at a time.

Ramos wants a two-year extension. He wants to be an exception to Real’s rule, and it’s understandable when looking at his perspective. Ramos knows his importance to the club and wants the added security. He’s been playing at an incredibly high level for so long, including this season, and he is in great shape athletically. It’s also easier for a center back to have more years in them than a box-to-box midfielder, in case someone wants to compare him to Modric.

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Still, Real Madrid may not want to take that risk and may prefer to go year-by-year. It seems they are holding firm on that, based on Jose Felix Diaz’s report. Florentino Perez is a man of principle, and he wants to stick to his principles as the financial leader of the club. We’ll see who backs down first, or if Ramos decides to take his business elsewhere, which would be a disaster as far as the fanbase is concerned.