Real Madrid: How much of a downgrade would David Alaba be on Sergio Ramos?

Sergio Ramos of Real Madrid (Photo by Diego Souto/Quality Sport Images/Getty Images)
Sergio Ramos of Real Madrid (Photo by Diego Souto/Quality Sport Images/Getty Images) /

Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos has rejected the renewal offer from the club and on the other hand, David Alaba is seemingly on the verge of becoming a Madridista.

Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos has been on the team for 15 years. He has broken numerous records here and has become one of the greatest ever to play in that Royal White shirt. Watching him leaving for another club would be distressing. But here in Madrid, it’s common to see great players come and leave. It looks like the club has already looking found his replacement if he were to leave.

David Alaba is a great player. There is no question about that. He has had an amazing spell with Bayern Munich. The Austrian will have to fill Ramos’ shoes, which is a huge task. Looking at their profiles, replacing Ramos with Alaba could be a downgrade for Real. Here’s why.

1) Loss of established leadership

After Iker Casillas left for Porto, Sergio Ramos took the captaincy and is the first captain of Real Madrid. He guides every player very well on the pitch. Real Madrid will miss a great captain if he were to depart the club. There is no way for anyone to replace what Ramos means to the club, especially not immediately.

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2) Big-game performances

Both Alaba and Ramos have been playing for two of the most elite clubs in Europe. Ramos has humongous experience in facing big European giants. Alaba has faced Madrid many times in this decade, but Madrid was outperforming his team in the Champions League.

Meanwhile, Ramos won four Champions league in this decade. David Alaba is a treble winner and has accomplished a great deal in this sport, but Ramos is on a different level.

3) Goal-scoring and passing abilities

Sergio Ramos is a beast in front of the goal. Being a defender he has still managed to score over 100 goals for Real Madrid. We all know his passing abilities from back to the wings.

Alaba would be a great addition to the squad. He will be attacking through the left-wing getting those crosses inside the box. Comparing their stats it’s clear that Ramos is ahead of Alaba in passing and goal-scoring abilities.

Analyzing their stats gives a clear idea of the hunger for goals from Sergio Ramos. Being a center back he has more goals and great passing accuracy than Alaba. Alaba has more assists in his bank, but it’s obvious being a fullback. This gives a clear idea about the stats of these two, but Alaba has the advantage of the age factor. He is 28 and has chances of playing more and getting great stats with Real Madrid.

Comparing their stats by numbers(All competitions)

Goals- Sergio Ramos 103/ David Alaba 43

Assists- Sergio Ramos 40/ David Alaba 62

Passing accuracy- Sergio Ramos 90.6%/ David Alaba 86.4%

These are some important and basic stats of both the players.

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Looking at every aspect it’s clear that replacing Ramos with anyone is a downgrade. Hope things go well and Sergio Ramos renews his contract. Alaba is a good addition to the squad because of his versatility, but if it’s at cost of Sergio Ramos then it’s not worth it. Let’s see what the club decides regarding these two.