Real Madrid might have at least one less major David Alaba challenger to worry about

Bayern, David Alaba (Photo by Power Sport Images/Getty Images)
Bayern, David Alaba (Photo by Power Sport Images/Getty Images) /

David Alaba has reportedly agreed to a tentative deal with Real Madrid, though other teams have been trying to sway the Austrian international by offering him more money than the cash-strapped Royal Whites can afford to offer the Bayern Munich star.

The likes of Chelsea, PSG, Barcelona, and still others in the Premier League have been linked with Alaba, whose versatility makes him a prized player. He was one of the world’s best left backs for years, excelled at center back last season for Bayern, and used to be a center midfielder.

Chelsea and PSG have the kind of money to convince Alaba to join them instead of his dream club Real Madrid and his apparent dream league La Liga, but it appears he is warding off interest from these major clubs.

According to a report from Loïc Tanzi of RMC Sport, David Alaba is not expected to join PSG at the end of the 2020-2021 season, despite the Ligue 1 giants’ best efforts to sign him. Tanzi reports that he will go to La Liga, listing both Real Madrid and rivals Barcelona as candidates to acquire the 28-year-old.

Real Madrid really do seem to be David Alaba’s dream destination

And out of Germany, there is a report that mentions another team is out of the race, in addition to PSG. Sky Sport Germany’s Max Bielefeld reports that Alaba has declined PSG’s massive offer. Not only that, but Bielefeld writes that Alaba turned down Chelsea, now led by former Dortmund and PSG manager Thomas Tuchel. His “priority”, per Sky, is to join La Liga, just as Tanzi himself stated.

So between these two reports, there are two common sources of information. Firstly, that Alaba wants to go to Spain, which has been reported consistently since the rumors of him leaving Bayern were first floated around last year. And the second thing is that Alaba isn’t going to PSG, even though we can guess that they have offered a higher salary than Real Madrid.

It sounds like Alaba very much wants to go to Real, and it also sounds like Madridistas can avoid worrying about PSG for now. That could change, because you never know with the transfer market. It’s hard to know what can change or what information to take at face value, since there are so many rumors and so much fluidity.

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But based on these reports, we can deduce that Alaba wants to join Real Madrid, though the situation with Sergio Ramos complicates things and likely gives Barcelona, who have bigger needs in defense, some room to steal him away. Yet it is Real who have a current agreement with Alaba, and that still has not changed. Alaba has even turned down potentially two resource-rich clubs to maintain his agreement with Los Blancos, and that is a huge positive for Madridistas.