Real Madrid: 3 things that could prevent a Cristiano Ronaldo transfer

Juventus, Cristiano Ronaldo (Photo by ISABELLA BONOTTO/AFP via Getty Images)
Juventus, Cristiano Ronaldo (Photo by ISABELLA BONOTTO/AFP via Getty Images) /
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Juventus, Andrea Agnelli
Juventus, Andrea Agnelli (Photo by MIGUEL MEDINA/AFP via Getty Images) /

The Juventus factor

Throughout all of this discussion about a reunion, it is easy to forget that Juventus hold some say here as well. Yes, the majority of the decision comes down to Cristiano Ronaldo’s wishes, since Juve cannot realistically keep such a powerful player if he does not want to stay. Ronaldo holds the leverage. And then Real hold the final say when it comes to who they are willing to pay for.

That said, Juve have their own leverage, as they are one of Europe’s most powerful clubs in their own right. They signed Ronaldo with the intent of increasing their marketing power and winning a Champions League title. Due to atrocious squad planning, the latter has been well out of reach. But Ronaldo has indeed helped increase the interest around Juve. Furthermore, he is by far their best player and their only proven goal-scorer. Juve, currently struggling in Serie A by their usual Scudetto-dominating standards, would be in dire straits without CR7’s goals.

Ronaldo is under contract with the Bianconeri for one more season. Even though they cannot ask for too much money in exchange for a 36-year-old player on a one-year deal who clearly wants to go back to his former club, they have enough pull that they can make negotiations difficult.

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There is nothing wrong with playing for Juventus, though, and Ronaldo does not seem like the kind of player who would make a giant fuss about staying in Turin for one more year. It would not make sense for him to put the Bianconeri under immense pressure to make a transfer at their own expense. So that is something to consider when assessing Ronaldo’s dream of a return.