Could Real Madrid face a Champions League ban?

Florentino Perez of Real Madrid (Photo by TF-Images/Getty Images)
Florentino Perez of Real Madrid (Photo by TF-Images/Getty Images) /

When fans first heard rumors that Real Madrid president Florentino Perez was starting a breakaway European Super League, UEFA made sure to leak potential threats to the media. Banishment from La Liga. Immediate suspension of the Champions League and an automatic title for PSG. Those were two scenarios floated around as ways for UEFA to show to the media that they would be serious about punishing the clubs going against their established power.

The Super League has fallen apart quickly and spectacularly, almost as soon as it was put out into the universe. All six Premier League clubs caved in the face of immense pressure from fans and governing bodies, and Real Madrid remain one of the few clubs still contemplating this failed idea. But that would have to be in the future, since there is no support for it now.

Unfortunately for Madridistas, the fallout from this failed European Super League plot may not be completely over. Because there are still rumors of sanctions and surely plenty of rival clubs and fanbases ready to pressure UEFA to enact sanctions.

According to a report from La Gazzetta dello Sport, via Deportes Cuatro, one of the most stringent sanctions would be a Champions League ban. And it is seemingly possible, with UEFA contemplating banning both Real Madrid and Juventus for the roles their presidents Florentino Perez and Andrea Agnelli played in the fiasco.

Real Madrid could be barred from the 2021-2022 Champions League

The report states that Real could be banished from this season’s Champions League and then banned for the 2021-2022 season’s competition.

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It would be an unprecedented ban, not just because these are, by definition, uncharted waters for all involved, but also because neither Real Madrid nor Juventus broke any laws. What they did was unethical and undermined UEFA, but it was not illegal in any way.

Furthermore, while Agnelli and Perez were the ringleaders, they were not the only ones heavily involved in this. If their clubs were to be punished as a whole for their actions, then it would be to make an example of two individuals. Is that justice?

Madridistas should not fear being kicked out of the current competition. If UEFA care about the spirit of competition, fans, and players, why would they kick out a club and harm their own product in the process?

More to the point, we all know UEFA care more about money than anything else, and all the streaming services and networks that broadcast the Champions League in their respective countries would not approve of losing two marquee matchups between Real Madrid and Chelsea.

A ban for next year’s Champions League is harder to predict, because networks probably would not be left holding the bag since another team would replace Real. And UEFA have the power to basically do whatever they want.

After what happened these past couple of days, they have gained even more power.  Other teams would love to see this punishment happen to Real and Juve, and they might not care about a dangerous precedent being set in terms of UEFA’s absolute power to ban people for making them angry, as opposed to breaking any rules.

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We’ll have to see if any more reliable reports point towards a possible ban for the next season. A ban this season is pretty much impossible. And although it is highly unlikely for Real Madrid to be barred from next season’s competition, Madridistas won’t rest easy until they know exactly what UEFA plans to do to their team. Because most get the feeling that a punishment is coming.