Real Madrid Transfers: How much would Eden Hazard sell for?

Real Madrid, Eden Hazard (Photo by Fran Santiago/Getty Images)
Real Madrid, Eden Hazard (Photo by Fran Santiago/Getty Images) /

The controversy around Real Madrid left winger Eden Hazard has died down. After he was caught laughing with former Chelsea teammates when Los Blancos were eliminated from the Champions League at Stamford Bridge, rumors starting swirling about Hazard’s future at the club. Even MARCA’s Jose Felix Diaz reported that Real would listen to transfer offers for the forward.

Hazard hasn’t met expectations since signing in 2019 for 100 million euros, but that’s honestly only because of injury. If he never sustained that first injury against PSG and if his recovery had been handled better by the club, Hazard would probably be playing at the high levels we saw in Fall of 2019 before that first injury.

As it stands, Hazard has a goal and an assist in his last two games since the debacle against Chelsea. So there is reason to believe he is headed in the right direction as the LaLiga title race closes. Hazard’s attitude will lend itself to a disconnect between what Real Madrid fans are used to from a superstar player at the club and how Hazard chooses to carry himself, but we all know that if he produces, it can slide.

Although I maintain that it is better for Real Madrid to stand by Hazard instead of selling, the rumors will likely persist this summer. So it is fair to wonder how much Real Madrid should consider selling Hazard for if they are indeed still listening to offers by the time the market officially opens.

Selling Eden Hazard for under 50 million euros should not be an option for Real Madrid

Transfermarkt will have you believe that Hazard is worth only 40 million euros, meaning his value has fallen by more than half since Real Madrid purchased him in 2019 from the Premier League. And although he’s lacked production and fitness in the past couple of seasons, it’s very unfair to say he is worth a mere 40 million euros, noting his quality.

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From Real’s perspective, selling him for that little could be disastrous. Who would they sign with that same money? Anyone who could be thought of as an upgrade would cost significantly more. Even Jadon Sancho at a discount would cost around 90 million euros.

Selling Hazard for 40 million euros could help Real subsidize the cost of a new signing like Kylian Mbappe, particularly when you factor in wages. But they could just as well save up for Mbappe by selling players with less upside.

Real Madrid won’t want to sell Hazard “low”. They’d probably rather not sell at all. When they are reported to be “listening” to offers, that is not equivalent to them being willing to “accept” whatever offer comes their way. Real must be selective. There’s nothing wrong with listening, but they should only leap for offers that will allow them to immediately turn that money into another star player.

That means Real have to look for offers above 50 million euros. They must be realistic and state that a player of Hazard’s age and with his injury history in this market is not going to go for somewhere near what they paid for him. But if they are truly intent on selling, they don’t have to completely lowball themselves and take an offer as low as 40 million euros.

I think 60 million euros could be enough to sway Real into selling. They would at least get more than half of what they paid in “base” transfer fees. But that depends on a few factors. It depends on how Hazard finishes the season, which other players the club sells, the overall financial health of the organization, the confidence in the young wingers, and the kinds of players Real can bring in. Mbappe’s availability, for example, could make Real Madrid more willing to sell off their current most-prized left winger.

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Do I think Eden Hazard will leave Los Blancos this summer? I truly do not. I just don’t think a competitive enough offer will be there after his 2020-2021. However, I cannot say that a transfer is impossible. If Real are open to fielding interest in Hazard, though, the price is going to be higher than Transfermarkt or those outside the club think, simply because Real Madrid should not admit defeat so early and take the risk of a regretful sale with no guarantee of an incoming upgrade.