Why Real Madrid should sell Marco Asensio this summer

Real Madrid, Marco Asensio (Photo by Diego Souto/Quality Sport Images/Getty Images)
Real Madrid, Marco Asensio (Photo by Diego Souto/Quality Sport Images/Getty Images) /

Real Madrid right winger Marco Asensio is coming off a very disappointing season. Perhaps expectations were inflated after a positive summer in his return from an ACL tear, as he scored with his very first touch and then later assisted for Karim Benzema in a big win over Valencia. That was a lasting memory from the previous season, heading into 2019-2020, but that memory was very quickly forgotten as fan opinion soured on Asensio.

Although some Madridistas will claim that Asensio is useless, the reality is that he is a useful role player. When he is too pressure by fans or has to start too many matches, Asensio starts to suffer. But as we saw in matches like the 2-2 draw with Sevilla, he can score some very important goals off the bench. He thrived at times in the second half of the 2020-2021 season as something of a super-sub, even scoring four goals in four straight games.

So if I don’t think Asensio is a bad player and fully recognize his technical quality, why am I arguing that Real Madrid should sell him altogether?

It’s because Real can’t afford to keep him around if he’s only going to be a role player. Asensio offers the threat of goals with his sharp left foot, though he hasn’t exactly threatened often enough from range, which was previously a huge reason for his usefulness to the team. And the longer he stays, the more likely Real are going to be faced with a decision to either give him a raise on a new contract or sell him at far less than market value with one year left on his deal.

Marco Asensio could be more valuable to another club than he is to Real Madrid

Right now, Asensio’s value isn’t exactly at a high, because he is coming off a well below-average season, and we’re in a tough economy. However, Asensio still has name value and is 25. There will be a team that values him as a bounce-back candidate, as they should.

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Because Asensio is more valuable to another club than he is to Real Madrid. With Los Blancos, Asensio just doesn’t stand out. There are too many games where he seems completely invisible, and it frustrates fans. And when the fans return, that frustration could get ugly. We’ve seen that play out too many times, and it’s not fair to the player when the fault is that they are not the right fit for the club.

Asensio recently turned in a “ghost” performance against Villarreal. It’s not the first time that happened this season in an important match either. And it’s because Asensio just doesn’t fit Real.

He needs to be at a team where he’ll have space to shoot and can get into more central areas, perhaps even playing as a true attacking midfielder rather than a right winger who has to beat people one-on-one.

Asensio was never an explosive dribbler or fast player, and after his ACL tear, it’s fair to wonder if he can offer enough one-on-one ability to be the kind of winger Los Blancos want in their ideal version of a 4-3-3.

Marco Asensio could break out of his shell if he leaves Real Madrid this summer

If Los Blancos sell Asensio, they can give him a chance to establish himself as a key player heading into the prime of his career with another club. They can also make some money, open up space for a prospect they do want to develop in Brahim Diaz or Sergio Arribas, and save a little bit of wage space for a winger who can fit them better in how they approach the game.

It’s better for Real Madrid to walk away sooner and give Asensio a chance to break out of his shell. He’s a good footballer, and it’s a shame watching him look too small for the moment at this club. Real can either sign an affordable veteran who still has some juice in the tank, or they can put their trust in Brahim, who averaged a full 0.20 more goals and assists per 90 minutes at Milan than Asensio did in LaLiga with Real.

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There’s nothing wrong with keeping Asensio. Again, he’s not a bad player and can help the team in the right setting. But if I am being completely honest here, I legitimately think it’s better for both Real Madrid and Marco Asensio to make a change.