Real Madrid: 2 biggest keys for Gareth Bale at Euro 2020

Real Madrid’s loanee Gareth Bale is looking set for a return to the Bernabeu shortly after the arrival of Old boss Carlo Ancelotti, someone who can arguably be credited for getting the best out of the Welshman during his first spell as Los Blancos’ manager. However, before the said return happens, there’s one other checkpoint for the right-winger, the European Championship.

Gareth Bale was called on for Wales’s national squad for Euro 2020 and quite deservedly so. He is the most distinguished Welsh footballer on the planet. He would also be the first-choice captain of the Welsh side. As such, the Euro campaign can be an important one for Gareth Bale before he moves on to the Spanish capital to play out his final year on contract with Real Madrid.

However, there also were rumors regarding Gareth Bale hanging his boots after the European Championship. MARCA’s Jose Felix Diaz added fuel to the same and it cannot be discounted that Bale retiring could be a possibility. If he does, it would mean a direct 22 million euros saved on wages for the Royal White Club.

But, the very inverse can also not be put off the table. Now that Don Carlo is back, there is a possibility of Bale returning and working with one of his familiar managers. Ancelotti has addressed the concerns on Bale, however, jumping to a premature conclusion wouldn’t be the best of things to be done right now. That is where Euro 2020 comes in, one last assured tournament for the Welshman.

Redeem his place in the Real Madrid squad and win the fans over

Bale was sent on a loan with his former club Spurs due to the evident decrease in his performances. To return to a familiar environment, especially a player’s old club can bring the best out of them, and then boss, Zinedine Zidane surely had the Welshman’s best interest in mind.

However, his campaign at Tottenham wasn’t exactly what I’d call a successful spell. He struggled throughout his time with Jose Mourinho, had limited game-time, and could score 11 goals in the Premier League, per WhoScored. However, that is a lot better than any Real Madrid winger playing with the club. Marco Asensio is the closest comparison with seven goals, and we know how disastrous his campaign was.

This is the first thing that needs to change. He needs to put his A-game up for his nation. Wales is in Group A of the Euro group divisions alongside Italy, Switzerland, and Turkey. By their standards, a knockout stage appearance seems certain and Gareth Bale needs to play a key role in getting his national side there.

Gareth Bale is one of those signings that could be called a marquee one. He eclipsed Cristiano Ronaldo’s 94 million euros transfer fee to become the costliest player of his time with a whopping 100 million euros transfer fee. He had quite the image among the Madridistas and to be honest, we tracked his performances while he was on loan.

A successful Euro campaign can help him win the fans over, the ones who stayed skeptical of him. Secondly, Carlo Ancelotti would naturally want to work with one of his beloved forwards from his first spell at Madrid, Bale only needs to make sure he doesn’t give Ancelotti a reason not to. He needs to consistently put his hundred percent in and secure a year playing for Real Madrid under Don Carlo.

Gain some much-needed optimism

There is a lot one single tournament could do to a player. We remember the Copa America final after losing which Lionel Messi had momentarily announced retirement from International Football. Bale is at a similar turn in his career, things haven’t gone his way lately but a successful Euro campaign can change that.

So far not much has happened in the pre-tournament friendlies. Wales and Bale are both yet to score a goal. They lost 3-0 to France and then played out a goalless draw against Albania. Gareth played in both matches but not for the full 90 minutes and we will hope that the best is yet to come from him. He has looked the happiest playing with Wales lately and fans expect nothing less than sharp and consistent attacking displays.

The first key and the second one are very much connected. Gaining the trust of a new manager or of the set of fans who once worshipped him can be a huge motivation for the Welshman who more than anything needs to stay optimistic.

But, as I said and would like to believe, a good Euro campaign can change that and Bale would be playing on the right for Real Madrid in no time. He can give more to the club than Marco Asensio and can work great as a partner to Rodrygo Goes who can be an effective young rotation for the right-wing.