Ranking Real Madrid’s best transfer windows this century

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It is that time of the year when there won’t be any club football in Europe, but every fan of every club would be highly excited. It is that time of the year again, where every football fan would be refreshing their Twitter feed every hour or so, hoping to see some update related to their club. It is that time of the year when the three magical words every guy wants to hear are the “Here we go!” from Fabrizio Romano.

Yes, it is time for the Summer transfer window, during which every top club across Europe would be looking to add some new names to their ranks and boost their club’s chances of competing in every competition available. Real Madrid, being the greatest club in European football history, would look forward to doing the same.

Real Madrid, particularly under the presidency of Florentino Perez, are known for their unique transfer policy of recruiting the world’s best players, sometimes acquiring a handful of them in the same window. The club could snap up every player they wanted, even if the player was owned by their fiercest rivals.

Unfortunately, Real Madrid hasn’t been at their best in recent transfer windows. In the current transfer market dominated by rich clubs funded from the middle-east, Real Madrid has relatively struggled as a fan-owned club. Real Madrid needs to be at their best in this transfer window, with the club being in desperate need of some reinforcements to the current contingent.

Currently, the club has signed David Alaba for free and they would be looking forward to some more signings in this window, though the rumours aren’t encouraging. But to remind ourselves of Real Madrid’s fantastic transfer history, let us have a trip down memory lane by having a look at the club’s five best transfer windows.

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