Real Madrid: Why extending Raphael Varane is of paramount importance

Raphael Varane of Real Madrid (Photo by Denis Doyle/Getty Images)
Raphael Varane of Real Madrid (Photo by Denis Doyle/Getty Images) /

Real Madrid’s star defender, Raphael Varane is at the moment with his national team competing in the European Championships. Simultaneously, the worries of Varane’s contract situations too are seeing timely updates. The two parties, Real Madrid and Varane himself are at the table negotiating a possible extension.

After veteran defender and captain, Sergio Ramos’s heartfelt departure, the situation at the back is a prime one to solve for the club management. Apart from Eder Militao, whose contract expires in 2025, per Transfermarkt, there is no second pure center-back whose contract situation isn’t coming to a fast-approaching expiry.

David Alaba, who joined Real Madrid just before the European Championships kicked off, can play at center-back but looks to be much more suited playing wide on the left. He has very recently struggled at the same position in the ongoing European Championships and contrastingly shined when he played wider. Alaba, being the replacement for Sergio Ramos is just not logical enough to bank on.

The situation at the final lines of defense hence is pretty fragile for Los Blancos right now. Though there have been hints on possible defensive signings, the available extensions too will take a center stage as the summer negotiations heat up. And, in that department, signing Varane to an extension must be Florentino Perez’s next important task.

Selling Raphael Varane for 50 million euros isn’t the best option for Real Madrid

Real Madrid has already lost Sergio Ramos and they simply cannot afford to lose Varane too in the same season. Defending at Real Madrid is a brave task and it arguably takes up some time to fit in and adjust to the pressure and demands of playing for the most successful club in the history of Club football.

Varane is someone who has adapted to this and is the second leader in command for the white pack of defenders. Losing him will very well mean a loss of a sound standing leader at the back for Los Merengues. At just 28 years of age, he is a bankable player and certainly not someone who could be sent away for a mere 50 million euro deal.

Moreover, his extension may as well be a factor toward shaping Perez and Co.’s plans for the summer. Real Madrid is interested in signing a forward and freshen up their attack. Kylian Mbappe is the prime candidate and Erling Haaland could very well be the plan B.

To say the least, Real Madrid’s transfer plans are sky-high given their financial situation. Two center-backs – Nacho and Varane- have their extensions pending. A failure in ensuring either may make the case for an additional center-back for rotational use. Sevilla’s Jules Kounde seems to be the first choice, who again is another 90 million euro investment.

The best thing to do here would probably be to take care of the pending extensions and save the club some transfer budget for a star attacker. There is an urgent need of providing Karim Benzema with a finishing partner, he has been single-handedly carrying this club forward in the goals department and that simply cannot and shouldn’t continue.

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The amount of success Varane has achieved at Real Madrid is unparalleled at his age. A world-cup winning center-back is very rare to get hands-on. Real Madrid has theirs, arguably, the best at reading the game. They should put in all they can to ensure that the extension is agreed upon. Losing two experienced campaigners in quick successions can be disastrous for the Merengues.