Real Madrid Transfers: 4 reasons to believe PSG will sell Kylian Mbappe

PSG, Kylian Mbappe (Photo by John Berry/Getty Images)
PSG, Kylian Mbappe (Photo by John Berry/Getty Images) /
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Since the summer transfer window opened, Real Madrid fans were waiting until August and we’re here. Why the wait? Several sources (both trustworthy and not) have reported that the club will be making moves for Kylian Mbappe during this month and yet again, hope was given to many Madridistas regarding the arrival of a player they have spent years dreaming about. Will it happen? We still don’t know. However, that’s not to say that Paris Saint-Germain do not have good reasons to go forward with the sale.

Contract Negotiations

Would you really want to let your prized asset leave for free in one year instead of getting a very fair amount of money for him now? That’s the question that the French club will have to answer. It is no secret that Mbappe has made his choice which is to move to Real Madrid but it’s not his choice as of right now due to the fact that he’s under contract. He has reportedly also made it clear to the board that he has chosen to leave even though he will not force a move out due to the respect he has for them. Therefore, PSG now have a choice: Let him leave for a fee of approximately 150 million Euros or risk losing him for free next season.

This isn’t an easy choice for the simple fact that we’re talking about Mbappe and another year at the club would mean that he has at least another six months (until he can freely speak to other clubs without PSG’s approval) to still renew his contract. He’s human and humans change their minds frequently. That could be something that the club’s board will bank on. It’s not worth the risk though because of the incredible signings that they have made so far.