Real Madrid Player Ratings as Eduardo Camavinga shines in a 3-1 win vs. Alcoyano

Real Madrid, Eduardo Camavinga (Photo by Quality Sport Images/Getty Images )
Real Madrid, Eduardo Camavinga (Photo by Quality Sport Images/Getty Images ) /
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Real Madrid, Eduardo Camavinga
Real Madrid, Eduardo Camavinga (Photo by Quality Sport Images/Getty Images ) /

CM Eduardo Camavinga

Eduardo Camavinga was Real Madrid’s standout player in the outfield, though that is not saying much because most of the XI disappointed against Alcoyano. The young Frenchman was the most passionate and active player on the pitch, and although people reading the box score may criticize him for yet another yellow card, he was the victim of a laughable call from an unqualified official.

What impressed Madridistas the most was Camavinga’s willingness to take on responsibility in a match in which more senior members of the squad, such as Eden Hazard and Marcelo, seemed to shirk their duties. Camavinga would not let Madrid lose, as evidenced by his blocked shots that saved this team.

Rating: 8.0

DM Casemiro

Casemiro had another stinker, and it is getting frustrating watching him play so inconsistently this season. He should be the best defensive midfielder on the planet, yet that tagline is hanging by a thread each time he has a match against a team he should be dominating where he makes sloppy passes. Casemiro was handing out gifts to Alcoyano, and he got dusted on the goal the home side scored to tie the match at 1-1. He had four tackles, four interceptions, and three clearances, but defense starts with ball retention, especially for big clubs. Case failed defensively for his poor passing and decision-making.

Rating: 5.0

CM Fede Valverde

I can scarcely remember a thing Fede Valverde did. We may have to have a conversation about the talented Uruguayan midfielder, because he has stagnated badly this season. Valverde was a ghost for much of the match, though he did find time to lose possession 12 times while creating nothing meaningful. He could not progress the ball against Alcoyano. It is high time he took on a more active role in the attack, because, sooner or later, fans are going to start criticizing the fan-favorite for his lack of production.

Rating: 5.0