Carlo Ancelotti made a very bold statement on Eden Hazard’s future

Athletic Bilbao vs. Real Madrid, Eden Hazard (Photo by Ion Alcoba/Quality Sport Images/Getty Images)
Athletic Bilbao vs. Real Madrid, Eden Hazard (Photo by Ion Alcoba/Quality Sport Images/Getty Images) /

Alright, look, I was a huge, huge Eden Hazard fan when he was at Chelsea. You could probably call him at the time as my favorite player that didn’t wear a Real Madrid jersey. So, obviously, I was a really big fan of the move. How it played out was disappointing as hell, and now we’re at this stage where I don’t expect anything from Hazard, and I hope that he can join a team where he gets to play football regularly.

The thing is, though, there aren’t many suitors for this version of Eden Hazard. Maybe a few if you dig deep into the transfer market, but there aren’t many clubs that would take on his salary and have him roam freely so that he is able to play as well as he can.

According to Carlo Ancelotti, though, that might not end up being the case anytime soon.

Eden Hazard is in Real Madrid’s plans for next season, says Ancelotti


I really don’t know if this is something he says in the public just to keep Hazard’s morale up and keep the rumors out of his reach, or if he’s actually serious. Of course, if it’s the former, it won’t help Hazard much. He’s still going to be under pressure from the media, whether Ancelotti says something in his favor or not.

But here’s my question if Ancelotti is being 100% legit: What has Eden Hazard done in not one, not two, but three whole seasons to warrant a spot in the first team with those kinds of wages? What do you have to say about that?

Well, yes, there have been a lot of injuries, and some, hell, a lot of what went wrong with him isn’t even Hazard’s fault. But that’s not the way football works, does it? It doesn’t matter if it is someone’s fault or not. It happened. If Hazard’s not a quarter of the player that left Chelsea, he simply won’t bring a lot to the table especially when you have Vinicius Jr playing the way he’s playing.

Would you keep Hazard as a supersub to bring on in the last 25 minutes of the game, like in the game vs Elche? Well, in that case, you can get a youngster to do that just fine, while also not sacrificing anything on the defensive end, and not paying that much in wages.

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Of course, Hazard’s probably going to have a decent/good game at some point, but that’s not what Real Madrid are paying that much money for. If there’s an offer, Real should definitely sell Hazard.

To be honest, who knows? Maybe Ancelotti sees something in Hazard that I don’t, but I genuinely think that if he’s being serious about keeping Hazard around – and chances are that he’s not – then there better be a reason that is worth all the money that is going into Hazard’s bank account.