Here’s why Real Madrid aren’t pushing hard for Erling Haaland yet

Dortmund, Erling Haaland (Photo by Filip Singer - Pool/Getty Images)
Dortmund, Erling Haaland (Photo by Filip Singer - Pool/Getty Images) /

Real Madrid are aiming for a huge summer transfer window this year and Erling Haaland is a big, big part of it. There are a lot of things we’ve heard about Haaland and the club, and to this date, we don’t know whether he’s actually arriving or not. No one does. But Real Madrid are doing their best.

Real are looking at Haaland, but they aren’t seemingly making a huge push for the move like they did with Kylian Mbappe last summer. We haven’t seen players mention Haaland as many times as they’ve mentioned Mbappe in their public conversations. We haven’t seen Perez talk about Haaland as much as he’s talked about Mbappe, and so on, so forth.

There’s a reason for that, though. A tweet from MadridistaReal recently talked about why they aren’t really pushing hard for Erling Haaland’s signature yet. There seems to be an urgency for Mbappe, but not nearly as much for Haaland, even though they’re very interested in him, per multiple sources.

Real Madrid prioritise Kylian Mbappe over Erling Haaland as of now

From what I gathered and believe, I think that Real Madrid want to get the whole Mbappe scenario sorted first before turning their attention toward Erling Haaland. And that makes a lot of sense. They’ve wanted Mbappe for years, quite literally.

This whole procedure has been in the making for over three or four years, and they want everything to go right. Focusing on Mbappe and on a player who is as big as Mbappe at the same time would be really difficult for Real Madrid to do, especially with the increasing competition in Europe with all the other clubs also being interested in the Norwegian.

There are also some other reasons they talk about. Haaland hasn’t exactly made up his mind about whether to stay at Borussia Dortmund for another season or to leave right away. So, Real Madrid are just waiting for that right now.

Karim Benzema being in the form of his life also plays a factor

It also says in the tweet that Benzema is untouchable for the next season at least, whether Haaland and Mbappe join the club or not. He’s going to be the club’s leader and captain, and will mentor the new guns in their first season at Real Madrid.

Of course, Haaland hasn’t been at a huge club before, and even though he is already a superstar, playing at Real Madrid is a completely different conversation, and he’d need his support.

It’s also because of this that Real Madrid working on signing Haaland right at this moment because if he ends up staying another season, it’s perfect for all parties involved. Benzema would lead the line for another season, Real Madrid would be able to purchase Haaland when it’s the right time, and Haaland would arrive knowing that it’s going to be his position sooner rather than later.

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Of course, in my opinion, if Real Madrid sign him right now, it completely diminishes the risk of Haaland signing for another club, but, according to this report, they’re more than happy to stay patient at the moment. It’s going to be an interesting year.