The Real Madrid player under contract who is closest to leaving this summer

Real Madrid, Florentino Perez. (Photo by Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images)
Real Madrid, Florentino Perez. (Photo by Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images) /

There are players whose departure hurts the club and fans, both financially and emotionally while there are also players who need to be shown their way out for their own good and that of the club. Fighting for a position at Real Madrid is tough, no doubt about that but another way to look at it is that the standards of the greatest football club in the world have to be kept at an elevation so that the voyage to glory does not trip down off the rail.

The player we are talking about today is Mariano Diaz, the infamous former #7 for Real Madrid.

Journalist Arancha Rodriguez, who closely covers Real Madrid, reports that there is a possibility for the Dominican to check out of the club in the upcoming summer transfer window.

Mariano’s contract runs down in the year 2023 but Real have been keen to offload him since the season precedent. On the contrary, the player decided to stay even after being fully aware of the fact that the club does not count on him and they were about to sign another of his competitor, Kylian Mbappe, which although did not happen.

What has been Mariano’s highlight for Real Madrid?

I want to ask this question to you readers. What has been Mariano’s biggest moment for Los Blancos since the day he signed in 2018? After brainstorming for a couple of minutes the only moment that clicked to me was the goal against FC Barcelona, nothing else. Don’t fall into believing that I am demeaning the goal, it was indeed very crucial but is that enough to justify the four years he spent at Real Madrid?

Arguments that he has not been given enough opportunity would have been (questionably) valid a few seasons ago but not today. Real Madrid do not give you an opportunity served on a silver platter. Every single player has to hustle for a spot in the team which makes Real Madrid what it is today.

There are several reasons for Mariano to leave Los Blancos, but the most prominent one is his consistency in showing underwhelming performances which have simply not been enough for Real.

Of all the minutes and responsibility bestowed upon him, he has been able to convert almost none of them to his favor.  From the club’s point of view, his salary has been an issue as well, as the teams Mariano would play for cannot accommodate his wages.

Signing Mariano, who scored 21 goals for his former club Lyon, was seen as a good investment but this decision of Real Madrid has proved to be implicitly unfruitful. To add to that, all the managers Mariano has played for including the current boss Carlo Ancelotti has indirectly indicated to have almost zero faith in him.

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A star in his Lyon days, Mariano Diaz would do more good to himself than to Real Madrid by taking the door out in order to revive what is left of his career.