Real Madrid need Chelsea to want Eden Hazard back

Real Madrid, Eden Hazard (Photo by David S. Bustamante/Soccrates/Getty Images)
Real Madrid, Eden Hazard (Photo by David S. Bustamante/Soccrates/Getty Images) /

June 13th, 2019. “Real Madrid sign Eden Hazard from Chelsea for over 100 million euros”. It was an invigorating headline for all Madridistas to hear, wasn’t it? In an attempt to fill Cristiano Ronaldo’s void, Los Blancos sealed the transfer of the star of Stamford Bridge aghast, things didn’t quite go as planned. If truth be told, they went exponentially downhill.

It’s been three seasons for him at the club and the first thing that comes to mind while thinking of him representing the badge is nothing but injuries. Some call it misfortune while for others there are a hundred reasons to count. But in the end, they’re all synonymous and futile.

With such inconsistency and irregularity, it is customary for a player’s self-confidence to deteriorate. Gone are the days when the words ‘Eden Hazard’ and ‘best dribbler’ went parallelly with each other. The Belgian is afraid to take shots on the goal or run past a bracket of defenders smoothly, something he was called the master of.

As per Jose Felix Diaz of MARCA, Hazard is not in Carlo Ancelotti’s plans for the remainder of the season so the burning question is – what does the club’s administration anticipate of the striker’s future?

Eden Hazard’s next destination has to be capable of matching his salary demands

Yes, Hazard had his foot behind the winning goal he scored last night in the Copa Del Rey match against Elche that sent Real to the quarter finals of the competition but is a player having impact once in several months worthy enough to be the team’s second highest earner collecting a whopping 420,000 euros every week? Well, the club does not think so.

As a consequence, Real Madrid are willing to let the player go before the next season starts.

According to journalist Sacha Tavolieri, the Belgian has already conveyed to the management that he would like to take an exit from the club in the coming future. To this, club president Florentino Perez might just be waiting on the door for Hazard as he will be looking to offload hefty wage slots from the team as he plans to go all-in for Kylian Mbappe and Erling Haaland this summer.

There are several candidates across Europe who might be interested in receiving Hazard’s services.

While a potential transfer to his boyhood club Lille in France or to a club in Italy is not completely ruled out, the strongest bid on the table could come directly from London.

The club we are talking about is Chelsea because who else would be willing to take up his herculean wage demands? The European champions have the right reasons, be it the resources or the emotions, to bring their star boy back to Stamford Bridge.

Analysis of the profits and losses on Eden Hazard’s possible return to Chelsea

by Will Beach

The following is an interpretation and evaluation of the financial side of Hazard being sent to Chelsea FC.

Let us first look at the total expenses Real Madrid have made on Eden Hazard:

Since his signing in 2019 Real have will spend a total of about 134.85 million euros on the player till the end of the 21/22 financial year which includes his annual wages and the transfer fees amortized for the length of his current contract i.e. 5 years.

Now we assume that following his inconsistency and to cover the above expenses, Hazard is loaned out to Chelsea FC for the 2022/23 season with an obligation to buy further induced in the deal.

These types of loan deals which include an obligation to buy have two main components to determine the profit or loss:

(a) Percentage of wages paid by loaner (here, Real Madrid)

(b) Money paid on the obligation to buy by the loanee (here, Chelsea)

In our situation, if Real Madrid pay 55% of Hazard’s wage demand of 22 million euros (the rest paid by the loanee) and extract out 12 million euros from Chelsea’s pockets to buy the player, Real are still under a loss, though minute, of 90,000 euros. This deal will enable Madrid to write off Hazard’s expenses as about 12 million euros per year for the next 2 years remaining on his contract which would be approximately 45 million euros had the loan not been executed.

But if Florentino Perez’s board is strong enough to negotiate and alter the above numbers to pay 50% of Hazard’s salary with the same amount extracted on the buying clause they make a substantial profit of 1.05 million euros. Even though the profit amount is good on paper, it’d still compel Real to record further expenses of 11 million euros for the remaining 2 years of the contract.

The crux of the above analysis is that if the loan and eventual sale of Eden Hazard are carried out to Chelsea FC there is still scope, though less, of making a profit on his entire operation with Madrid since 2019.

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Indeed, it is sorrowful to see a player of his quality not being able to realize the potential at the club of his dreams but this is how football works. The best that Eden Hazard and Real Madrid can do for each other is to co-operate for a move out of the club.