Here are the five most reliable news sources for Real Madrid fans

Real Madrid (Photo Illustration by Budrul Chukrut/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)
Real Madrid (Photo Illustration by Budrul Chukrut/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images) /

The January transfer window – which was, however, completely dry for Real Madrid – was called to a halt just two days ago but the rumors regarding various transfers appear to have only begun. Social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram are flooded with news, both hoax and reliable, sourcing from innumerable media outlets some of which you may have never heard of.

This phenomenon makes it extremely puzzling for readers and fans to decide whom to trust and whose information shall be repudiated. In contemplation of the aforesaid problem, here is a list of top journalists/media houses (in no particular order) who have made a name for themselves in the field of reporting Real Madrid and have been consistent in releasing news that is both: on time and reliable enough to take a bet on.

1. Madridista Real

For the most part a magazine publishing site, Madridista Real have been enjoying the throne of being one of the most authentic sources of news regarding Real Madrid. They have built solid goodwill over the years by making breakthrough revelations concerning Los Blancos and the club’s transfer affairs.

As a matter of fact, their team was one of the very first outlets to report the signing of Eden Hazard from Chelsea including accurate information about the transfer fees paid by Real Madrid. Similar was the case during the end-moment deal with Eduardo Camavinga last season when Madridista Real were the first ones to give their confirmation, which, mind you, holds a lot of weight in today’s date.

Their sources come from nowhere but inside of Real Madrid circles and administration. It is noteworthy that they are so closely involved with Real that the club’s president, Florentino Perez himself came out publicly to congratulate Madridista Real for the fifth anniversary of their magazine.

2. Arancha Rodriguez

Arancha is a highly acclaimed journalist who speaks for probably Spain’s biggest radio station ‘Cope’, particularly for its sports-centered subsidiaries named Deportes Cope, Tiempo de Juego, and Partidazo de Cope.

Her profile revolves around regular and instant news about player injuries (which she breaks out in detail just seconds after the player picks it up), matchday lineups even before the official release, and of course, transfers.

Mainly operating independently from her Twitter profile, Arancha is also a commentator at Real Madrid TV – the official television channel owned by Real Madrid themselves.

3. Jose Luis Sanchez

Despite working with the infamous El Chiringuito TV and the channel’s host Josep Pedrerol (who has been fairly unreliable in the recent past), Jose Luis Sanchez‘s name is spoken with a great degree and dependability in the spectrum of Real Madrid news. One of the probable reasons for backing his accountability is because other than El Chiringuito he is also employed by MARCA – unequivocally the biggest sports broadcast journalism site in all of Spain.

Yes, Sanchez has had his moments of ridicule where he was heavily criticized for his claim that Sergio Ramos would not leave Real Madrid and announce his will to renew with the club. But what we see is only one side of the story and I think that the fans should also be cognizant as to how Ramos’ renewal failed at the last very instance.

The player himself was not aware of a supposed deadline given by Florentino Perez to accept or reject the offer to stay which resulted in his departure from Real. Does this sound like a reporting mistake from Jose Luis Sanchez’s side? I think not.

Other than the above turmoil, the journalist’s track record is close to impeccable.

4. Mario Cortegana

Cortegana is the youngest journalist on our list but don’t you get bluffed because his resume says otherwise. At just 30 years of age, he has worked for several top press associations like AS, Marca, and Goal. He keeps a close tab on Real Madrid and their transfer interests. Such is his uniformity that his reports have hardly been put before public opinion and questioning on the grounds of how true they are.

In a recent superhit, he interviewed none other than Endrick – the 15-year-old Brazilian sensation who is Real Madrid’s major target this summer. Cortegana put before Endrick various questions about his affection for Real Madrid, his reaction to knowing that Real follow him, and his favorite player in the squad.

Cortegana has always hovered around the class of most reliable Real Madrid journalists.

5. Jose Felix Diaz

Last but definitely not the least, Jose Felix Diaz is a versatile reporter for Marca and a colleague of Mario Cortegana. Popularly known as JFD, he has written a myriad of news articles for the employing website and is also a regular speaker at Josep Pedrerol’s late-night talk show El Chiringuito.

JFD is not a new face for Madridistas; he has been in this occupation for an eon now. Over the length and breadth of his career, there have been several fluctuations in regards to his credibility in sports journalism, which, if we want to look at with rational eyesight, is quite the norm.

But the biggest critique session he was called to sit in came last season when he intrepidly claimed that Real Madrid had reached an agreement with PSG to negotiate for the transfer of Kylian Mbappe, which we all know did not happen. As a consequence, the journalist was subject to heavy ridicule across social media for giving fake hope to Madridistas.

In an attempt to seek clarification, we enquired with Felix Diaz himself asking as to why did he report something fake. In response to our question, his exact words were – “Never in my life have I said something that was not confirmed. The signing was imminent because from Paris they agreed to negotiate but they changed their stance at the last moment.”

The crux, according to his words, is that PSG never had a firm stance on the deal, and he reported only what was supplied to him by his sources in the club.

Fans’ confidence in his statements has undoubtedly suffered a blow but it cannot, under any circumstances, be ruled out that even after the “false information” saga, he has continued to make headlines with news that later on proved to be correct. To support the claim, JFD had reported Real Madrid’s re-interest in Tchouaméni in October itself, way before anybody else.

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Hence, it would be extremely unfair to pull down his entire goodwill because of only one such instance. Jose Felix Diaz did not let go of his stature and is still one of the best sources to report Real Madrid.