Real Madrid: The pros and cons of renewing Marco Asensio’s contract

Real Madrid, Marco Asensio (Photo by Mateo Villalba/Quality Sport Images/Getty Images)
Real Madrid, Marco Asensio (Photo by Mateo Villalba/Quality Sport Images/Getty Images) /
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Marco Asensio might be the most trending name among the Real Madrid fanbase at the moment, as he had won the most recent LaLiga game against Granada single-handedly with a screamer of a goal. His stocks have risen sky-high with that goal, and he looks to be motivated for the crucial month ahead. Even the club might be happy to see him be a decisive player, but they can’t be too happy because they have a situation to solve.

Asensio’s Real Madrid contract, which was last renewed in 2017, will be expiring in the summer of 2023. If we were in 2017, a renewal in the future might look like an easy decision to take. But things have changed, and a lot has happened in these five years. Now there is a need for the club and Asensio to decide by this summer, and not wait until he enters the final year of his contract at Real Madrid.

In November 2021, Tomas Gonzalez-Martin of ABC had reported that Real Madrid is contemplating a possible renewal for the former Mallorca man. But there hasn’t been any update from a reliable source since then, except for a rumour from AS that PSG might try to lure Asensio by offering him a better contract.

There is still no clarity at the moment, but there is time for both parties to make a decision that is in the best interest of both of them. In the meanwhile, let us have a look at the pros and cons of a possible contract renewal, starting with a major con.

Real Madrid, Marco Asensio (Photo by Quality Sport Images/Getty Images)
Real Madrid, Marco Asensio (Photo by Quality Sport Images/Getty Images) /

Con 1 – Asensio won’t be a starter for the club, while he is approaching his prime

Asensio has turned 26 in January. For fans who see Asensio as a player with 311 appearances in club football, this might look like a normal thing. But for Madridistas, who saw Asensio as a potential superstar in 2017 and are still waiting to see him as the star that he was destined to become, it is a big deal. A career-threatening injury did halt his progress, but it doesn’t change the fact that Asensio will be entering his prime, but still hasn’t been able to become a bigger player for Real Madrid.

If Asensio renews with Real Madrid, he can continue playing at his dream club, but his chances of becoming a star might reduce further, due to this decision. He is currently contesting for the right-wing position along with Rodrygo but hasn’t been able to take complete control of the position. Next year, when a superstar like Kylian Mbappe arrives at the club, his chances of becoming a permanent starter for Real Madrid will diminish. And he might not have a chance to start from the left as well, with Vinicius taking complete control of the left flank.

Real Madrid shall be happy to have a player like Asensio as a utility player, something we shall discuss in the next slide. But will Asensio be happy with a role of a utility player, that too when he is about to enter his prime? He can be a star player at some other player, but can he become a star at Real Madrid if players like Mbappe and Haaland arrive at Real Madrid?

Well, he hasn’t renewed his contract yet, but these are factors he should consider, before extending his stay at the club. If he decides not to renew, it would be better if he conveys the decision early, so that the club won’t lose a chance to cash in on him.

Even the club should keep this point in mind before offering a renewal because the wages should be offered per his role.