Where does Real Madrid’s Marco Asensio rank among the world’s best distance shooters?

Real Madrid, Marco Asensio (Photo by OSCAR DEL POZO/AFP via Getty Images)
Real Madrid, Marco Asensio (Photo by OSCAR DEL POZO/AFP via Getty Images) /
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Manchester City, Kevin de Bruyne
Manchester City, Kevin de Bruyne (Photo by Visionhaus/Getty Images) /

2. Kevin De Bruyne

It would not be wrong to say that Kevin De Bruyne is the backbone of Manchester City and the player has now held the position for a long time. Derogatory slurs like “Chelsea flop” were commonly thrown when the English club signed him for £55 million in 2015, but well well well how the turntables. Whether the team performs or not, one name you will always hear getting praise will be his.

De Bruyne is probably the most sharp-sighted midfielder in today’s date, he can notice spaces and execute the most difficult passes so swiftly before others are even able to comprehend them. Other than his quick passing attributes, the 30-year-old is an example for many in the field of scoring echoing long-range goals.

Sit back because you will be perplexed to know that De Bruyne has scored a staggering 6 goals from out of the box just in this season and it’s only February. He has attempted 47 distant shots on goal and it portrays how confident and also reliant he, his team, and Pep Guardiola are on his exceptional prowess to shoot far.

1. Fabian Ruiz

Fabian Ruiz is perhaps a name you were not expecting to be crowned as the #1 distant shooter in the world currently but the Spaniard’s recent emergence as one of the best midfielders across nations defies all the odds. The player thrives as a central midfielder for the Serie A club Napoli and in very little time he has grown to take up a pivotal role for Luciano Spalletti’s team.

While the Neapolitans fight for the league title in a closely packed race, at the time of writing being 1 point short of current table leaders Internazionale, Ruiz is a significant contributor in the dash for the Scudetto.

The 25-year-old, in all aspects, is running for a career-best season with Napoli as he has scored numerous goals from outlying spots on the field. It is just about time before Ruiz is offered lucrative offers by top clubs across other leagues and he finally gets the glare he truly deserves.

For the 2021/22 season, the midfielder has landed the ball 5 times in the opposition’s net in a number of attempts far less and better than his predecessor, Kevin De Bruyne. While KDB took close to 50 shots to score 6 outside-the-box goals (which is monumental in itself), Ruiz has managed to reach 5 faraway goals in only 26 attempts, almost half of the former’s record.

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With all facets taken into consideration, Fabian Ruiz is reigning the race for the best distant shooter in the world right now which, however, is so dynamic that the positions might shuffle as we speak.