Real Madrid Transfers: Kylian Mbappe may have received an even more outrageous salary offer from PSG

PSG, Kylian Mbappe (Photo by Rico Brouwer/Soccrates/Getty Images)
PSG, Kylian Mbappe (Photo by Rico Brouwer/Soccrates/Getty Images) /

Real Madrid transfer target Kylian Mbappe absolutely roasted his dream club in the first leg of the Champions League at the Parc des Princes. The PSG forward scored the game-winning goal in stoppage time, showing his dribbling ability and finishing, as well as a clutch factor that has made him the world’s most valuable player.

Mbappe is still likely to move to Real this summer, as it is hard to see this tie changing his mind, given his reasons for wanting a move to Madrid. That said, because Real played so poorly and because PSG won the first leg, the club’s leadership see an opening to keeping the No. 7.

PSG have already sent so many lucrative offers to Mbappe that he has turned down over the years, in order to keep his options open and get that move to Real Madrid. He could have transferred to Real this past summer, but PSG rejected 200 million euros in order to also maintain their own chances of keeping Mbappe for longer.

We know that their main objective is to have Mbappe in Paris through the 2022 World Cup, as that would be important to the Qatari ownership’s marketing of the tournament.

PSG may be ready to offer Kylian Mbappe one million euros per week

According to a report from the Independent, via journalist Hadrien Grenier, Kylian Mbappe has a new contract offer from PSG to weigh. Apparently, the club is ready to offer Mbappe an even more outrageous salary than even before, something that would amount to around one million euros per week.

If true, that is certainly a number Real Madrid cannot meet. It seems ridiculous to pay any player this kind of money, but it is believable that PSG would do it. Firstly, they can do it. There is no salary cap in Ligue 1 and no rule will ever stand in the way of PSG, as we saw with their flouting of Financial Fair Play this past summer. PSG have bottomless pockets, as they are owned by Qatar, which is evidently willing to pay any price to keep Mbappe. Finally, this would be for a short-term extension, so there is no risk on the club’s end in terms of committing so much money to one player. They would only have to commit to him for, as it seems, one year.

The money is staggering and may influence Mbappe because of how much that can mean for the people around him. But Mbappe is very determined, as we can see by how he plays on the pitch, and Real Madrid has been his dream. There is a sense that if Mbappe does not leave this summer, Madrid may not wait too long for him. I doubt they would slam the door shut on a short-term renewal, but Mbappe may not want to risk Real getting cold feet about his commitment, though anyone should understand how tough it is to turn down that kind of money.

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We will see what other reports say about PSG’s latest offers to keep Mbappe, but as time ticks down and the club gets more desperate, we could see some unprecedented offers and tactics from them. Mbappe means everything to their sporting project, and his performances this season have been a clear example of that, including this past Champions League display.