Real Madrid Transfers: Politicians need to let Kylian Mbappe decide in peace

PSG, Kylian Mbappe (Photo by John Berry/Getty Images)
PSG, Kylian Mbappe (Photo by John Berry/Getty Images) /

The past few days have been uncommonly brutal for Real Madrid as the team has failed to produce satisfactory results for themselves and the fans. The inadmissible tie in Villarreal followed by the obnoxious and cowardly display of football in Paris – Los Blancos would do anything to cut this week off their memories. The person behind the nightmare at the Parc des Princes is none other than Real’s much-wanted transfer target Kylian Mbappe who with the late goal put a dent in the hearts of Real Madrid fans.

Like every other day, there is news regarding Mbappe and his future. But at the same time, unlike every other day when the news relating to Mbappe would be about his affairs with PSG and Real, today we have got a different angle to put forward which is somewhat an absurd sight to witness in the world of football.

Football today coexists with many parallel ecosystems like the government and politics of a nation and the continent it is played in. Yet, the two systems scarcely coincide with one another for matters other than the administration of taxes and other civilian laws but it appears that Mbappe and his innocent dream to play for Real Madrid has broken the imaginary line of separation between the two worlds.

Have you ever seen a football player as young as 23 years old being intimidated by men and women who are responsible to superintend a whole nation to not follow his childhood dream? That is exactly what Mbappe is being subjected to.

Even Macron is trying to get Kylian Mbappe to stay with PSG

Going by the report of El Mundo, French president Emmanuel Macron has expressed his interest in the Frenchman’s future ventures and the politician wishes for him to stay in Paris to continue playing for PSG. Although the persuasive comment sounds more like it is coming from a fan of the game, it is almost impossible for such a young player to simply waive off the desire of the President of his own country.

This love for Kylian Mbappe was subsequently also shared by Macron’s political rival for the president’s post, Anne Hidalgo who is currently serving her term as the mayor of Paris. Hidalgo appeared as a guest on the show ‘Chez Jordan’ where she left no stone unturned in praising Mbappe and his influence in France. She talked about how the player is loved across France by kids who follow him as their role model and that is the reason why he should stay and play for PSG. 

These fantasized desires, though out of love and appreciation, carry immense weight because of the mouths they come from. Things that are said by the current and the potential first citizens of France can not be taken lightly no matter how unrelated to politics they are. This is perhaps the only thing that was left to happen as if the constant pressure from PSG’s board was not enough.

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Indeed, Mbappe is a huge figure for French football and many youngsters who want to be like him but his enormity should rather be the pavement for him to realize his dream and star for Real Madrid instead of becoming an obstacle that keeps him forever cling to his comfort zone.