Real Madrid Transfers: Kylian Mbappe rejected one million euros per week from PSG

PSG, Kylian Mbappe (Photo by Rico Brouwer/Soccrates/Getty Images)
PSG, Kylian Mbappe (Photo by Rico Brouwer/Soccrates/Getty Images) /

Real Madrid weren’t exactly in awe when they watched Kylian Mbappe absolutely rip apart their defense, especially giving Dani Carvajal a really hard time. Mbappe made everyone know who the best player in the world is, and even though the performance was against his potential future club, the fans are just excited to see him play for the team next season.

It seems like that will happen, especially after this recent report by BILD.

According to BILD, via Independent, Kylian Mbappe is pretty hell-bent on joining Real Madrid next season. So much so that he rejected a gigantic one million a week offer from PSG. I’ll make one thing clear: That’s one million net.

If Mbappe does end up joining Real Madrid, the club has to appreciate the fight he’s putting up

Let’s forget the footballing reasons for a second. One million euros per week is something I’ve never seen anyone being offered, and if this report is anything to go by, massive respect to Kylian Mbappe for not choosing that much money over his dream.

It’s not like Real Madrid’s offer is going to be really low. They know how big the player is and how much money he deserves, so Mbappe would still be earning a lot of money. But, look, it’s not really close to what he is currently being offered at PSG.

I think Real Madrid would be offering him around 30 million euros a year, which is a humongous sum in itself. But, PSG’s offer would take him to around 52 million a year. Consider that. Mbappe’s dream to join Real Madrid is worth more than the extra 22 million. That’s insane.

It also says in the report that Florentino Perez is not convinced with Carlo Ancelotti as a coach, and is looking at other options, such as Mauricio Pochettino.

I don’t think Perez is wrong. Ancelotti is making many, many mistakes, and even though Real Madrid are still on top of La Liga, the team is clearly struggling. There are many issues, and I don’t think Ancelotti is capable of fixing them. Bringing in a different manager with different (and better) ideas would be even better, both for the team and for Mbappe individually as well.

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But yes, regarding the whole Mbappe transfer scenario, it takes a lot of willpower to reject an offer like that, and if he is definitely joining, then I can’t wait to see him in a Madrid jersey next season.