Why Real Madrid could lose Marco Asensio despite contract renewal offer plan

Real Madrid, Marco Asensio (Photo by Mateo Villalba/Quality Sport Images/Getty Images)
Real Madrid, Marco Asensio (Photo by Mateo Villalba/Quality Sport Images/Getty Images) /

Real Madrid fans are keeping an eye out for contract news regarding Vinicius Jr., who is set to make a lot more money amidst a breakout 2021-22 campaign. But while the Brazilian winger’s future in Madrid is secure, the starting winger on the other side of the formation faces a more uncertain future.

Marco Asensio has scored some important goals this season and is producing goals under Carlo Ancelotti, but he is not a fan favorite among Madridistas due to his inconsistent play. When he is not scoring screamers, Asensio is often invisible, earning woefully low marks in a recent Champions League loss to PSG.

Despite Madridistas misgivings about Asensio, Real seem to want to keep him and renew his contract, believing he could be a good backup with that sweet left foot of his. Because, of course, when Kylian Mbappe presumably arrives at the Santiago Bernabeu in the summer, Asensio starting will be an afterthought.

According to a report from Tomas Gonzalez-Martin of ABC Deportes, Real Madrid are willing to offer Marco Asensio a four-year contract with 4.5 million euros per year and 1.5 million euros per season in bonuses related to the goals he scores. Since, you know, that’s the one thing he can really provide to this team due to his shooting ability.

Those numbers are in line with what he currently makes. And Real truly have no reason to offer more, given the inconsistent nature of his displays.

Marco Asensio may want seven million euros per season from Real Madrid

Yet Asensio reportedly wants more. ABC reports that the 26-year-old forward’s representatives are trying to leverage another figure at Real’s front office. They are claiming to have copious interest elsewhere in Europe, including of wages reaching seven million euros in the cash-laden Premier League.

Real Madrid seem to have no interest in pushing their offer above 4.5 million euros. Nor should they. Asensio is a backup player to Los Blancos, and what limited backup player without a defined role in the 4-3-3 should earn more than that? There is a structure in Madrid they would not break.

Meanwhile, some Premier League club – if such a club exists – could be in love with Asensio’s goals and think he would have a lot to offer their club. Asensio is a big name, after all. And his highlights have likely not gone unnoticed. So maybe someone in England sees Asensio and believes they can give him that upgrade in wages, along with an upgrade in the importance of his role.

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Real Madrid, on the other hand, should feel confident calling his bluff. They are willing to offer Asensio a new contract and want to keep the young man around, but he may have different ambitions. It is hard to see him believing there is a better spot than Madrid, but money talks. Of course, is the money really talking here? Or is it the agents talking to try and get more out of Florentino Perez? We will find out as the summer draws near.