Ranking the teams most likely to be eliminated from the Champions League Round of 16

Champions League (Photo by OZAN KOSE/AFP via Getty Images)
Champions League (Photo by OZAN KOSE/AFP via Getty Images) /
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The Round of 16 of the UEFA Champions League 21/22 is now halfway complete, with the extremely fascinating first leg match week having over. The situation currently necessitates forecasts and predictions, some of which are pretty evident, as well as some rather difficult ones.

There are teams who are most likely to advance unless a “Remontada” occurs, while others have work to do in closely-knit ties. There were games that have been terrible for many, and the balance has almost given a warning to prospective opponents to keep an eye out for them!

For many of you betting junkies and debaters, I’ve compiled a list that will at the very least give you a reason to put your money or arguments on a certain team.

In this article, we rate the Round of 16 teams based on their chance of getting eliminated from the competition but before diving into the list it is important for you to understand the scale of it:

The list is in increasing order of possibility of being eliminated from the UCL round of 16, which implies that as we move down, the possibilities of the team being eliminated grow. For example, the team rated 16 will almost certainly advance to the quarterfinals, whilst the team number 1 will almost certainly be eliminated.

Where did Real Madrid end up? Let’s find out!

Manchester City, Kevin de Bruyne (Photo by Zed Jameson/MB Media/Getty Images)
Manchester City, Kevin de Bruyne (Photo by Zed Jameson/MB Media/Getty Images) /

16. Manchester City

Manchester City are the overwhelming frontrunner to win the Champions League this season, and the club has gone to great lengths in order to explain why. Everything seemed to be falling into place for them during the last several years, and they have no plans to slow down.

While some may say that Guardiola’s squad is awarded convenient groups and knockout stages, the fact is that their performance, even against larger names, has been consistent, with the exception of a few times where they fell short.

Sporting CP was an easy victim of City’s brutality, as the club was broken down into catastrophe after surrendering 5 goals in a row, sending them far into their graves.

The team from Lisbon has little chance of recovering from this setback while also containing City’s offensive.

Because of their enormous squad depth, the Premier League winners will almost certainly expand this margin or possibly rest crucial players. If I were to pick one team that has already passed to the quarterfinals, it would undeniably be Manchester City.

15. Chelsea FC

Defenders of the Champions League title Chelsea FC just lost their domestic cup opportunity to the squad stated above after fading aspirations for the league crown, and this in some ways boosts their commitment to ensuring the European title.

Before surrendering the EFL Cup to Liverpool, the London club humiliated LOSC Lille in a 2-0 romp. Thomas Tuchel asserted unequivocally that he has restored classic Chelsea, except that in odd and dull ways.

The blues established a strong superiority, particularly among the defenders, and underlined that it would be too big of a task for Lille to contain them.

Coming up to 15th on the list of likely eliminations, there isn’t much else to say because it’s very clear that Chelsea will repeat the feat in the second leg and go to the next round with high aspirations.