Real Madrid: 3 things we learnt from an incredible comeback win over PSG

Real Madrid, Luka Modric (Photo by Angel Martinez/Getty Images)
Real Madrid, Luka Modric (Photo by Angel Martinez/Getty Images) /
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Luka Modric, Karim Benzema
Karim Benzema, Luka Modric of Real Madrid (Photo by David S. Bustamante/Soccrates/Getty Images) /

The second half performance showed the true side of Real Madrid, led by Karim Benzema and Luka Modric

I’m going to tell you all a little story. As I was writing my first half notes (which were negative, by the way, all of them) I was just praying for things to change. I wanted Real to win, and I wanted to disregard all my takeaways from the first half and I wanted to write about the disregarding of takeaways in my takeaways. I wanted Real to win, which would let me write about that. That’s what happened, and I am so glad it did. I apologise for the overcomplication.

I actually don’t have many words to say about Luka Modric and Karim Benzema. I’m running out of superlatives. As they all say, the best players tend to show up in the biggest moments, put the team on their back, and bully their way through victory, no two ways about it. It’s the only objective on their minds, and they do anything they can to make sure they’re successful.

Luka Modric and Karim Benzema are two such players. Luka Modric had an incredible second half. And my words cannot do justice to the beautiful run he made through PSG’s entire team in the build-up to the second goal.

As for Karim Benzema, I have no words. A hat-trick in the biggest competition of them all. In a do-or-die game. This performance was proof that he’s a player for the big occasions, and that he’s the best number nine in the world, one of the best number nines of all time, and an insanely good leader and an incredible, big-game player. That’s all I have to say.

Thank the Lord for Luka Modric and Karim Benzema. I love them so much. Alphas. Leaders. Big game players. Two of the greatest to ever do it.

Truth be told, though. We can’t give all the credit to these two players. Militao, Courtois and Alaba had incredible games in the defensive third. They were so vital, and I cannot emphasize this enough.

The pressing was so good in the second half! So good! I loved it!

Carlo Ancelotti’s substitutions were good. Rodrygo I’ve already talked about, but finally trusting Camavinga paid off. Of course, it did! Camavinga did everything right. Every single thing. He had a great game, and I have no doubts about him being a starter in the future. Even Vazquez had a good cameo off the bench.

Fede Valverde was great, he was everywhere and I loved watching him play. Vinicius Junior was really, really good as well. The only thing he didn’t do well was his shot-taking. All of them were a bit off.

That’s what most of my notes talk about. The rest of it looks a bit like this:

What a frickin’ game.