Real Madrid 0-4 Barcelona: Player Ratings from an all-time awful Clasico

Real Madrid, Thibaut Courtois (Photo by PIERRE-PHILIPPE MARCOU/AFP via Getty Images)
Real Madrid, Thibaut Courtois (Photo by PIERRE-PHILIPPE MARCOU/AFP via Getty Images) /
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Real Madrid, Thibaut Courtois
Real Madrid, Thibaut Courtois (Photo by PIERRE-PHILIPPE MARCOU/AFP via Getty Images) /

Real Madrid were humiliated in historic fashion at the Santiago Bernabeu. The scoreline of 4-0 actually flatters them, because if you take out Thibaut Courtois’ big stops and several clear-cut misses from Barcelona, Real could have easily lost 10-0. Seriously. They were that bad.

99 percent of the blame falls on Carlo Ancelotti. He made all the same mistakes again, but this time he made them all at once and was outclassed by a much better manager with a clear vision of how to play football in the modern era.

Here are the player ratings from Real Madrid’s worst loss of the season. Madridistas are ashamed of this result, and Florentino Perez will not take this lightly. A Clasico defeat like this can never be tolerated. Ever.

GK Thibaut Courtois

The only person who can hold his head high after this awful result. Thibaut Courtois made a trio of big stops, including one double-save early in the match when the score was still 0-0. He is arguably the best goalkeeper in the world, and he did not deserve this performance around him. Courtois must be as enraged with the team’s performance as we are.

Rating: 7.5

LB Nacho Fernandez

Nacho Fernandez was poor to start the season at left back, and while he was great against PSG, he really wasn’t tested in a match that was honestly more about them melting down than anything else. Nacho was cooked by Ousmane Dembele, which really is no surprise. What’s frustrating, though, is that Real Madrid could have at least been fine at left back if Miguel Gutierrez were a first-team player. What does Carlo Ancelotti have against the Castilla guys?

Rating: 4.0

CB David Alaba

Probably David Alaba’s worst game of the season. He did some good things, including saving a goal in the first half from Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang with good positioning, but he also had a few nervy moments. Alaba wasn’t dominant and in control, but, to be honest, how can I fault him when the tactics were so disorganized? How could he lead when his manager set the entire team up on a mission to fail? I have to say as well, he never stopped battling until the end, too, and did not let frustration get the better of him. While I have to give him a poor rating, I still have the utmost respect for Alaba, of course.

Rating: 5.0

CB Eder Militao

And this was definitely Eder Militao’s worst performance of the season, even worse than his display against Getafe when he surrendered the goal that eventually lost the game for the Merengues. Militao started the game brightly, even making one highlight-reel pass to Vinicus Jr. from long range, sliding the ball low across the grass like a prime regista.

But Militao then had giveaways, ill-advised dribbles, and lots of sloppy positioning errors. Aubameyang outclassed him. Everyone did. And as Real continued to lose control of the game, Militao continued to lose his nerves and quality. A shocking performance from a player having a brilliant season.

Rating: 3.0

RB Dani Carvajal

Dani Carvajal was embarrassed by Kylian Mbappe against PSG in the first leg at the Parc des Princes. Honestly, he was even worse in El Clasico, because at least he can blame not having enough help and also going up against the best player in the world for the PSG display.

Against Barcelona, Carvajal was giving the ball directly to the opposition and was consistently beaten for pace off-the-ball by Ferran Torres. He was a disaster and had to be subbed off at the half. I can’t even mention a single positive thing he did. Carvajal is starting to look like he is finished at a starter at the highest level of football.

Rating: 2.0