Top Real Madrid insider predicts Erling Haaland to Manchester City

Dortmund, Erling Haaland (Photo by Martin Rose/Getty Images)
Dortmund, Erling Haaland (Photo by Martin Rose/Getty Images) /

Real Madrid have an offer on the table for Erling Haaland, and the Borussia Dortmund striker will take the next couple of weeks to decide between Los Blancos’ final offer and Manchester City’s offer. There are so many conflicting reports about where Haaland is leaning, and the reports all conflict because, at the end of the day, only Haaland controls his destiny and only Haaland knows where he is leaning. It is a very difficult decision.

But whereas Real may have initially been optimistic that they could sign both Haaland and Kylian Mbappe this summer, it seems as if pessimism is starting to set in.

MARCA reporter Mario Cortegana is widely seen as the most reliable reporter covering Real Madrid and one of the most transparent. He recently tweeted that he keeps hearing pessimism reflected from within Real Madrid regarding their chances of signing Erling Haaland, with some even expressing feelings of defeat about this blockbuster transfer.

Therefore, Cortegana added that he thinks Haaland will be Manchester City-bound in 2022, though the entire transfer saga is difficult to understand.

Benzema’s continued excellence could be a decisive factor for Erling Haaland

And based on all the facts we have read as fans of all the various rumors and nuances of this transfer saga, it seems as though Cortegana’s prediction is the most logical one.

As much as Real Madrid would love to have Haaland, there are a couple of things that would lead him to lean towards City. Yes, the money will be a little bit better there, but forget about the money for a second. Because Haaland’s decision will not come down to money.

City do not have a striker like Karim Benzema. They do not have Vinicius Jr. and Kylian Mbappe. Their team is more equipped to maneuver tactically and fit in Haaland as the main man up top. It is easier for him to slot in there immediately and then to leave to Real Madrid, as opposed to joining Madrid, sharing playing time with other players, and then leaving anyway for the City challenge.

Haaland seems like a player who wants to experience multiple sporting environments. If that is the case, it makes more sense for him to go to City and then Real, just as players like Cristiano Ronaldo and Kylian Mbappe were superstars for other big clubs – Manchester United and PSG, respectively – before moving to the Santiago Bernabeu.

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Real Madrid do have a chance at Haaland, still. Despite all the rumblings, the allure of the Bernabeu and the dream of being a Galactico with Mbappe and Vini has to be tempting. But for now, City are the slight favorites. Cortegana’s prediction is an educated guess and one that many fans likely share. Madridistas will be disappointed in not getting Haaland, but, remember, it is not “now or never” for the Norwegian.