Real Madrid fans react to Gareth Bale’s stunning FK, brace for Wales after Clasico controversy

Wales, Gareth Bale (Photo by Dan Mullan/Getty Images)
Wales, Gareth Bale (Photo by Dan Mullan/Getty Images) /

Real Madrid right winger Gareth Bale was the subject of some more controversy last weekend after El Clasico. Was he really hurt before the match against Barcelona? Did he want a break before playing for Wales? Or was it Carlo Ancelotti at fault for discarding Bale once again when the Welshman could have helped Los Blancos in what turned out to be an embarrassing defeat? Is Real unwisely phasing out the club icon because of his expiring contract?

Whatever the case, nobody is talking about that now. Madridistas are buzzing about Gareth Bale’s fantastic performance for Wales in the World Cup playoffs against Austria, where Bale squared off against his new teammate, center back David Alaba.

Bale scored two goals to give Wales a 2-0 lead that would only be cut to 2-1 by Bayern’s Marcel Sabitzer, who could also be on the move this summer.

The first of the two goals was a stunning free kick into the top corner that left the keeper with no chance. It was a world-class hit that has the entirety of Football Twitter excited, as it is a glimpse of the undeniable technical quality Gareth Bale still has.

You can watch a video of it below.

His second goal wasn’t bad either. A nifty finish in the box that, once again, shows Bale’s instincts and technical quality remain at the highest level, even if other aspects of his game have declined.

And with these two goals by the Wales captain, Real Madrid fans are wondering why the heck Carlo Ancelotti and the club can’t get this guy more involved. There is no way he is worse than Marco Asensio (or even Rodrygo Goes) right now!

Seriously. Why can’t Ancelotti use the quality attacking players on his bench?

One of the greatest uses of the greatest GIFs. Wrestling GIFs are just better. (Shoutout to Kevin Nash!)

Then again, this is true. Bale with Wales, especially lately, has been levels above what Madridistas see when he plays for their team. And you can sense that frustration among fans.

This might be the big takeaway here. Bale has something left to give, just not at Real Madrid.

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If only Bale didn’t feel alienated by Real Madrid. You’d imagine he could still be a real factor for them…of course, if he weren’t injured so frequently. That is another piece of the puzzle to consider. His hard luck with injuries.

Bale’s farewell with Los Blancos will likely be a subdued one this summer, given how little of a role he is playing for the team in 2021/22. But at least Wales fans and his personal fans can relish his incredible national team performances.