The only way Real Madrid can complete an Eden Hazard transfer

Real Madrid, Eden Hazard. (Photo by Diego Souto/Quality Sport Images/Getty Images)
Real Madrid, Eden Hazard. (Photo by Diego Souto/Quality Sport Images/Getty Images) /

Real Madrid will try to shop Eden Hazard ahead of the summer 2022 transfer window, and the rumor mill will undoubtedly have a field day trying to come up with possible scenarios for the No. 7. Already, we are seeing some pretty outlandish links, starting with Arsenal and even including Dortmund, who rarely ever sign veteran players on high wages. If ever.

Moving Hazard won’t be easy. The Belgian international makes more than 20 million euros per year. That’s precisely why Real want to move Hazard so badly this summer. They can’t keep paying someone who isn’t contributing to the team.

Aside from his injury risk, Hazard does not fit Real Madrid. He is a left winger or, maybe more appropriately in the latter stages of his career, an attacking midfielder. Real don’t use a 10, and they already have the left wing covered so well that they will have to play at least one talented left winger out of position in 2022-23 (Rodrygo Goes and potentially also Vinicius Jr., pending the arrival of Kylian Mbappe).

Hazard’s wages, injury history, and lack of recent production mean that Real Madrid will have to acquiesce in order to sell him. They will have to take up a certain portion of those wages. There is no doubt about that. Hazard will not be sold for a significant fee. Actually, it is hard seeing anyone buying him at all in 2022.

Real Madrid will have to loan Eden Hazard before selling him

Before the 2020/21 season, Real Madrid were in a tough situation with Gareth Bale, who was not in Zinedine Zidane’s plans and seemed to be antagonizing himself to the fans in a frustrating season. With a couple of seasons still left on his contract, massive wages, and no future with the club, Real had to loan him out. They took on some of his wages and were able to send him back to Tottenham. Now, he was productive there, but Spurs had no intention of bringing him on permanently, given his future outlook and salary.

It’s unclear how much Hazard has left in the tank, but there will be clubs interested in him. There is still that “What if?” factor with Hazard based on health. Because if he can stay healthy, there is a feeling he can still be world-class. Someone will gamble on that, but they will not do that without seeing first-hand evidence. Hence why a loan where Real Madrid take on some of Hazard’s wages is the ONLY logical solution here.

No team with the financial power to gamble on Hazard would do so, because they can sign better players. The teams that would like to roll the dice on Hazard just don’t have the ability to commit to him financially, which is why they need some wage coverage from Real, as well as a loan to “test” and see if Hazard is worth buying.

There is no space for Hazard at Real Madrid. So while the terms of a deal are not 100 percent favorable to Madrid, it is better to have him fighting and trying to play somewhere else. In addition to that scenario being better for Hazard’s morale as a footballer – and with the World Cup coming up – it gives Real a chance to “audition” Hazard for a sale.

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Therefore, when you see links regarding Hazard, think of him as someone who will be loaned and then potentially sold later, rather than someone who will be transferred. Barring a shock, I cannot see anyone taking on Hazard right now. It is just too risky for these clubs to do so, if you even believe Milan, Dortmund, and Arsenal want him in the first place.