Why does Gareth Bale get treated differently than other Real Madrid players?

Real Madrid, Gareth Bale ANP / Dutch Height / GERRIT VAN COLOGNE (Photo by ANP via Getty Images)
Real Madrid, Gareth Bale ANP / Dutch Height / GERRIT VAN COLOGNE (Photo by ANP via Getty Images) /

The relationship between Gareth Bale, the club, and Real Madrid fans has always been complex, but it has intensified in the past couple of seasons. He has missed countless amount of games due to injury while recovering in time to play with the national team, there have been issues with different managers, and some off-field incidents that have frustrated the supporters and the club.

This has led to the Welshman constantly being whistled every time he steps onto the field. However, he has always been an easy scapegoat for the media ever since he signed. Even when he was vital to the team’s success, negative press constantly circulated about his injury status, not integrating into the squad, and failure to ‘supposedly’ learn the language. Although his behavior has not been proper, he is not the only Real Madrid player who has had similar conduct or issues.

  • Isco’s conduct has been as “bad” as Bale’s. He has had issues with different managers and is a shell of the player he use to be. Additionally, it seems as though his lack of fitness has not been because of injuries, but due to not taking proper care of himself and being out of shape.
  • Carvajal picks up as many injuries as Bale has and has become a complete liability in defense.
  • Against Real Sociedad, Asensio taunted the fans and challenged them after he scored.

Regardless, they all received minimal criticism (at best) and did not get anywhere near the backlash Bale would have received. The media also constantly remind us of when his teammates displayed that ‘interesting’ flag while playing with Wales, but many fans forget the most disgusting gesture ever seen from a Real Madrid player was when Angel Di Maria grabbed his private parts in response to the fans whistling him after being substituted.

Gareth Bale is the latest player who isn’t Spanish to face a double standard

Despite initial criticism, all was forgotten as he regained his form and played an important role in the team’s success that season. Remarkable that Real Madrid fans were able to forgive and forget Di Maria’s despicable gesture, but cannot get past any of Bale’s silly issues; despite the fact that Bale brought more success.

While Real Madrid fans have been known for whistling everybody, another issue has been the media coverage. Critiquing the press can usually be a lazy defense mechanism from the players, but on this occasion, it is accurate to say the media coverage Bale has received in his period with the team has not always been justified.

As previously mentioned, even when he was fundamental to the team’s success, negative press always circulated around him. However, this has always been a common theme from the press. There have been many players (generally players who aren’t Spanish) whom the media tend to always bully and become scapegoated by the fans. Interestingly, it always tends to be the same players that do not have connections in the media.

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Despite all these issues, there is no question he has overall been a great signing and deserves a proper farewell when his contract concludes after this season. From incredible assists to scoring remarkable goals in clutch moments, he has been instrumental in the club’s success and will go down as the most successful British player to have ever played for the club.