Where do Real Madrid players rank among the best left in the Champions League?

Real Madrid, Karim Benzema, Luka Modric (Photo by John Berry/Getty Images)
Real Madrid, Karim Benzema, Luka Modric (Photo by John Berry/Getty Images) /
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Real Madrid, Vinicius Jr.
Real Madrid, Vinicius Jr. (Photo by Denis Doyle/Getty Images) /

8. Trent Alexander Arnold (Liverpool)

Trent Alexander-Arnold has returned to his best this season. His defensive capabilities may be questionable sometimes yet he is an offensive juggernaut. He perfectly fits the Klopp style of football. He is a bonafide presence in the box with the ability to shoot. He has formed a fearful alliance with Mohammed Salah on the right flank.

Trent allows Salah to move infield and dictate the play. He himself often drifts in and out of the wing to torment the opposition. With Liverpool going for a quadruple, Trent has to be at his absolute best.

7. Vinicius Jr. (Real Madrid)

Vinicius Jr. has well and truly come off age this season. His finishing and decision-making have grown leaps and bounds. He torments oppositions with trickery and pace. Defenders have a hard time catching up to him on the left flank. He has formed a deadly partnership with ace Karim Benzema. Their partnership has contributed a staggering 86 goal-scoring plays already. A huge part of Real Madrid’s success can be attributed to Vinicius’ meteoric rise.

Even when he is not scoring, Vini has the ability to impact the play in multiple ways. He is Real Madrid’s best bet on a counterattack. His crosses into the box have improved tremendously. The sheer fact that he can enter the opposition’s box quicker than the defenders themselves is a testimony to his talent and skills. Real Madrid is banking on him to lead them to yet another Champions League.

6. Sadio Mane (Liverpool)

It is easy to overlook Sadio Mane when you have Mo Salah in the same team. However, just when Salah’s form appeared to be cooling down, Mane picked up the mantle. In the big games against City and United, Mane stepped up and produced great performances. He is a threat from the left flank.

His versatility allows him to play all three positions. He is a great header of the ball. Real Madrid would very well know his threat as Mane equalized the score in the 2018 Champions League final. He is a leader as well. He took Senegal to an AFCON Title and a World Cup qualification. Ironically both at the expense of Salah’s Egypt. Salah-Mane’s partnership is looking dangerous as we approach the business end of the season.