Real Madrid should try to keep Dani Ceballos, but not at the expense of this transfer

Real Madrid, Dani Ceballos (Photo by Ion Alcoba/Quality Sport Images/Getty Images)
Real Madrid, Dani Ceballos (Photo by Ion Alcoba/Quality Sport Images/Getty Images) /

Real Madrid are on a great run in the Champions League, and are in touching distance of the La Liga trophy. To say things are looking good for the Spanish side would be an understatement.

Even so, there are many things that need to be fixed, many positions that need reinforcement, and many players that need to be signed. Some that must be kept.

One of those players, according to reports, is Dani Ceballos.  According to MARCA, Ceballos is set to stay at the club next season.

OK, that’s good. Ceballos is a good player to bring off the bench, and would provide Luka Modric and others with some much-needed rest.

But, just because they keep Ceballos on for another season doesn’t mean they don’t need a defensive midfielder. Those are two completely different things, and the sooner Real Madrid get their head around that, the better.

Ceballos won’t solve the problems that Tchouameni would at Real Madrid

Let’s make one thing clear if it isn’t already: I love Aurelien Tchouameni, but this isn’t the biased fan talking.

Real Madrid genuinely need a guy like him because there aren’t many players that can do what Casemiro does, and Tchouameni is one of the few who can. Not only that, he is able to build team’s attacks from the back, and is very good with the ball in pressing situations, both skills in which Casemiro simply isn’t good enough.

Now, talking about the most recent illustration that Real Madrid need a back-up to Casemiro would be the Manchester City game. They were clearly missing the Brazilian’s presence and if Tchouameni was signed next season, the overdependence on Casemiro would drastically decrease, and of course, that’s a good thing.

Ceballos doesn’t solve a single problem except for midfield depth. Real Madrid have four options in central midfield without him, they’d have an extra guy in case there is heavy rotation needed with him. He probably won’t start over Valverde or Camavinga if the starters are injured or need rest.

Tchouameni would be, at least at the start, the second choice in defensive midfield. There is no direct replacement for Casemiro in this squad, so unless Real Madrid are the team who dominate with the ball, playing Toni Kroos in place of Casemiro wouldn’t do anyone any good.

Real Madrid saw a clear display of Casemiro’s value vs Manchester City. dark. Next

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Real Madrid need to realise this and ramp up their transfer activity to sign Tchouameni, because if they don’t, someone else will, and Casemiro would remain helpless and drained out for yet another season.