4 Real Madrid players who benefit the most from an Antonio Rudiger signing

Chelsea, Antonio Rudiger (Photo by James Williamson - AMA/Getty Images)
Chelsea, Antonio Rudiger (Photo by James Williamson - AMA/Getty Images) /

A lot has happened in the past few weeks when it comes to Real Madrid as a club. The team is just a point away from winning the league, a few steps away to get themselves the crown of European Champions for a record 14 times, and amidst all this, there is still the scope and foresight to develop this team into a little more lethal and unplayable. And in that process, the club has already received a “Here We Go” for the signing of Antonio Rudiger.

While it is understood that the club will, of course, reap great fruits owing to the signing of a great defender in the Chelsea defender, it will also be great to see how this signing affects the current players in the Real Madrid squad.

Here, we will look at four players that will benefit the most from the signing of Antonio Rudiger.

CB/LB Alaba

Ever since David Alaba joined Los Blancos, we have seen him donning the role of a centre back. There have been very few instances where we saw him in his natural position, i.e., at left back. And even though he has given outstanding performances at that position, it is still a position that he adapts to and is not a natural at.

However, on those very few occasions where Alaba was allowed to play at left back, he showed us what he really brings to the table with that wondrous left foot. Sure, he is not one of the quickest fullbacks out there, but the abilities and presence of mind Alaba possess really come in handy when one has to make transitions with a player as lethal as Vinicius Jr.

Additionally, with the arrival of Rudiger, Alaba will get relieved of those extra responsibilities in the defense. Rudiger is a natural defender who plays at the center. Hence, it will be rather beneficial for Alaba to have him there partnering with Militao while he enjoys the games on the left flank.

CDM Casemiro

It is no secret for anyone that Casemiro is, in fact, one of the most lethal defensive midfielders out there. The sheer fear he sends down the spines of many forwards is a matter of great discussion. However, we can not really expect him to drop every single time and take up the duties of an extra centre back while making transitions.

So far this season, even though the duo of Militao and Alaba has been rather amazing while defending, sometimes Casemiro has had to stretch himself a little too thin while trying to defend. With the arrival of Antonio Rudiger, the Brazilian midfielder will take a much-needed breath of relief.

As Rudiger is one of the fastest and strongest defenders out there, he will undoubtedly take a lot of load off the shoulders of Casemiro. To add to that, Alaba’s move to the LB position will also provide a great defensive boost for the backline and at the same time, Alaba might even provide some needed rest to Casemiro, as he can very well take up the defensive midfielder role as well. Hence, it is nothing but good news for Casemiro.

CB Eder Militao

In this entire season of La Liga as well as the UEFA Champions League, we have seen the pairing of David Alaba and Militao work wonders. While Alaba is the brains of the Real Madrid defense, Militao has taken up the role of the muscle. In Alaba, the young Brazilian found the contrasting qualities that helped him shine the best.

However, it will be rather interesting to see how Militao adapts to his new partner at the heart of the defense. Knowing the quality of the Brazilian, it will not be a surprise if he pulls off world-class performances right from the beginning, and much like Alaba, Rudiger also very well backs the qualities Militao possesses.

It will also be interesting to see how the duo manages during the instances where there is a chance to move up the pitch, as both Miltao and Rudiger are defenders who love to get involved in the buildup as well as venture forward in attack.

CM Toni Kroos

If there is one thing that every single Real Madrid fan loves to see with all their heart is watching Toni Kroos work his magic and dictate the midfield like a boss. Every time when Kroos has the chance to operate on his own, it is a thing of beauty. However, there have been times this season when Toni Kroos was forced out of his natural role as a game-dictating midfielder. And that is because every time Casemiro has been out of the team because of a suspension or an injury, Kroos has had to step in to cover for him as a CDM.

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Now, playing as a CDM is something where Kroos loses his natural abilities to control the game, and instead, he has to chase around players to get a grasp on the ball and the game. However, with the signing of a defender like Rudiger, who is physically imposing, quick, and more important than anything, great at progressing the ball as he moves up the pitch. That is something that will give him a chance to Kroos to do what he does best, control the game.

And with Rudiger coming into partner with Militao at the heart of the defense, Alaba can also be used as a backup for Casemiro, as we already know he likes to play in that role as well.