Florentino Perez, Carlo Ancelotti drop hints about Kylian Mbappe transfer

PSG, Kylian Mbappe (Photo by John Berry/Getty Images)
PSG, Kylian Mbappe (Photo by John Berry/Getty Images) /

Real Madrid fans have been on edge for months – if not years – regarding a potential Kylian Mbappe transfer. We are almost at the finish line, with Mbappe’s contract set to run out in June when the season ends; there is less than a month before PSG’s last game of the season. He has yet to renew with Paris despite all the political pressure from both Qatar and France, so Madridistas can almost see the visual of Mbappe holding the vaunted Madrid kit.

Further fanning the flames are two of the most important figures at Real Madrid right now, Florentino Perez and Carlo Ancelotti.

Just days after all but closing the signing of Antonio Rudiger at the request of Carlo, president Florentino Perez dropped a hint about the dream free transfer of every Madridista, Kylian Mbappe.

Perez said, “We’ll talk about Mbappe when we’re planning the team for next season.”

He’s basically saying Mbappe is coming. Why would they wait to talk about Mbappe until they are planning the team if they have not secured his signing? Perez is coyly confirming that Mbappe is coming, they know he is coming, and they do not need to even discuss this topic until the season is over and they are taking care of business in the future.

Carlo Ancelotti all but confirmed Kylian Mbappe’s Real Madrid future

But if Perez’s little hint was not enough, Carlo Ancelotti, who just days ago poked fun at Mauricio Pochettino for saying that Mbappe would be 100 percent staying in Paris, dropped his own hint. And it was an even stronger one, tying in Perez’s influence.

Ancelotti said, “Mbappé? With Florentino, the future is already written.”

Strong words, huh? There’s no need to interpret this too much, because it’s essentially a straight-up statement here.

For the uninitiated, though, there is a little pun here. Perez is known for getting players to put pen to paper or commit to moves beforehand, just in case. He is someone who covers all his bases. So Ancelotti may be playfully giving a nod there, admitting that Perez has something “written” that already confirms the Frenchman’s “future” in Madrid.

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All the more reason for Madridistas to be excited and to relax whenever the French media reports some nonsense about the 2018 World Cup winner taking Qatar’s latest money-laden offer. He is done with that.