Be careful what you say about Erling Haaland, it may come back to bite Real Madrid

Dortmund, Erling Haaland (Photo by Martin Rose/Getty Images)
Dortmund, Erling Haaland (Photo by Martin Rose/Getty Images) /

The transfer saga is over. Erling Haaland has chosen to sign with Manchester City instead of Real Madrid, with Fabrizio Romano giving his fabled “Here We Go” on Monday.

Of course, astute Madridistas had already discarded the Haaland hypothesis weeks ago. Concerns were mounting within Madrid about being able to afford him and Aurelien Tchouameni, with many fans surmising that with Kylian Mbappe coming in, the Monaco No. 6 would be even more important to the Merengues.

There were also worries about his injuries, as well as a sense that it would be better for him to experience playing for Manchester City – the club of his father, let’s not forget – in the Premier League before accepting the challenge of being a Galactico.

Many Real Madrid fans started to realize that Haaland waiting to join the Merengues, perhaps as Karim Benzema’s replacement, would be the best outcome for him and the club. There was an understanding that fitting in Benzema, Kylian Mbappe, Vinicius Jr., Rodrygo Goes (who has been sensational lately), and Haaland would be too difficult. Haaland is too good to not play every game, and he needs the experience. There could be friction, which is not ideal with an expensive investment AND with the team already capable of winning three trophies without him (or Mbappe for that matter).

Real Madrid fans must refrain from lying about Erling Haaland’s decision

So why then, am I seeing constant abuse towards Haaland on social media? People are taking small concerns and exaggerating them so as to fabricate narratives, perhaps to make themselves feel better that Haaland “chose someone else”.

Haaland is not greedy. Haaland is not a coward or mentally weak. Haaland is not an unserious footballer. Haaland is not a selfish idiot who plays injured. All of these things are lies – damned lies spouted by people who need to be more careful.

Because Haaland did not choose against Real Madrid. He chose FOR Real Madrid, albeit in a few years when he will be a stronger player and when Real will actually have a spot for him. Real will have more information about Haaland as a player, including his injuries, by then. So really, it is a smart business decision for both the player AND the Royal Whites.

Remember, Haaland has long dreamed of Madrid. He is delaying his dream, just as Mbappe did when he chose PSG over Real after being at Monaco, out of wisdom. And we must respect that.

Failure to do so could be catastrophic. The striker notices what is said about him. Would he want to join a fanbase that does not appreciate him? That spreads lies about him? That preaches about how much they do not like this kind of nonsense from Barcelona, Atleti, Liverpool, Bayern, PSG fans etc. but does the very same thing themselves?

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We must be better and keep our eyes on the prize. On the long game. Real Madrid and Erling Haaland know what they are doing. It is important to respect that, trust that, believe in the current squad, and give the Norwegian space to do what he feels his best. He can always circle back to the Santiago Bernabeu.