Former Real Madrid star hurting his legacy by rooting for Liverpool in Champions League Final

Real Madrid vs. Liverpool (Photo by Visionhaus/Getty Images)
Real Madrid vs. Liverpool (Photo by Visionhaus/Getty Images) /

As Real Madrid prepare to face Liverpool in the Champions League Final later this month, we are seeing former Madridistas give the club support, even players who did not have a lengthy stay with the Merengues like Kaka.

But there is one player who recently won Champions League titles with Real Madrid who has taken a villainous role to Madridistas.

James Rodriguez joined Los Blancos after his breakout 2014 World Cup and spent four seasons at the Santiago Bernabeu, not including two years at Bayern Munich on loan. During that time, the Colombian playmaker scored 37 goals, won two Champions Leagues, captured LaLiga twice, and won five additional cups.

Yet that has not stopped him from rooting against his former club in the final against Liverpool.

Here is what he said, via Win Sports TV’s Pipe Sierra:

"“I want Liverpool to be champion, I have many friends in Real Madrid and it is a difficult team for this type of match, but I want Lucho (Díaz) to win.”"

James Rodriguez can support Luis Diaz without disrespecting Real Madrid

Rooting for his countryman is certainly noble, and Luis Diaz is a phenomenal player who was the star of Copa America and has been the clear signing of the winter period. As everyone who watched him at Porto and Colombia expected, he is an immediate star for Liverpool.

But there is a way to root for your friend without alienating two fanbases of clubs you recently played for. Not only is James besmirching his Real Madrid legacy by picking against the team he had the most success with in club football, but he is also disrespecting Everton, the last major club he will ever play for. Liverpool is Everton’s biggest rival.

James Rodriguez offered a lot to Real Madrid as a goal-scorer and playmaker, including some very exciting goals. However, the No. 10 also never lived up to his potential as a 70 million euro transfer and a global superstar. He was great for a couple of seasons but then faded away and became obsolete to Madrid.

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So how he is remembered by Madrdistas is delicate. He had good memories with Porto and Monaco as well, but never peaked at those clubs. Thus, you’d think James would be more careful with his words and how he is seen by Madridistas. Then again, this is the same guy who tried to join Atletico Madrid…