Real Madrid vs. Liverpool: 3 bold predictions for the Champions League Final

Real Madrid vs. Liverpool, Karim Benzema (Photo by VI Images via Getty Images)
Real Madrid vs. Liverpool, Karim Benzema (Photo by VI Images via Getty Images) /
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Real Madrid, Karim Benzema
Real Madrid, Karim Benzema (Photo by VI Images via Getty Images) /

Liverpool to score first

If we had to look for any theme that has surrounded Real Madrid this season in the competition, it’s the “comeback spirit“. Why would they not have it one more time? Liverpool won’t start the game on the back foot, they never do. They’ll press every single Real Madrid player, they’ll move forward aggressively and they will trust their center backs to do the job if they mess up, which does not happen very often.

One major flaw with Real Madrid in most matches this season is that they start very slow, usually it’s the second half of a game where you see their true nature. We should expect that again and because of that, it’s a fair assumption that Liverpool will score the opening goal of the game. That doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll win.

Maybe what is best for Real Madrid is to actually fall behind in the game. We have seen it a few times this season that once things seem to go wrong, the players finally wake up and create magic. Don’t be too surprised if we see it once again on May 28.

Obviously, Real Madrid won’t want to go behind at any point in this game and will not be depending on a comeback. However, so far that is where they have been at their best so if Real Madrid manage to score the opening goal then it’s good. But if they don’t, there is no reason to panic too soon. It’s also worth noting that Liverpool is not a team that will score and sit back on their lead. There will be spaces but the Spanish side will have to be very careful not to get caught out.