The Kylian Mbappe saga exposes the masochistic tendencies of football fans

PSG, Kylian Mbappe (Photo by Lionel Hahn/Getty Images)
PSG, Kylian Mbappe (Photo by Lionel Hahn/Getty Images) /

The main teaching of Gautama Buddha centered around the fact that almost all suffering is caused by the self. In other words, human beings, in general, are just a bunch of masochistic fools–and the Kylian Mbappe saga has all but confirmed that.

Kylian Mbappe has been linked to Real Madrid since 2017. The Merengues tried to sign him back then but he, instead, chose Paris Saint-Germain. Florentino Perez then tried against last year, too, but the French giants didn’t budge–even to a €200 million offer.

Since then, the saga has just intensified, and as we reach the final few days of this soap opera, we are beginning to see the masochistic tendencies of football fans—or, in this case, Real Madrid fans.

Everyone is talking about Mbappe, not Real Madrid’s Champions League Final

If you had the misfortune of logging into Twitter in the last couple of weeks, you would know that Mbappe has been the center of all the attention. Even though Real Madrid is about to play their 4th Champions League final in the last 6 years, the fans seem to have completely forgotten about that.

The talk of the town, instead, is about Kylian Mbappe.

The talk itself, however, isn’t the problem. The way it is being done, instead, is what bothers me a lot.

At this point in time, *reports* claim that Mbappe seems to be closer to signing an extension with PSG, sending countless Madrid fans into delirium. Their complaints mostly are about how Mbappe played the club and their mental peace and how the news accounts of the club on Twitter are constantly posting news about him.

Don’t blame the news cycle, you are the one in control at all times

Newsflash, Madridistas: News accounts *are* meant to post news about Madrid.

If you have a problem with Mbappe prolonging his announcement, or with the news accounts posting news about him, here’s a thought that you should entertain: the problem, surely, lies within *you*.

These fans, essentially, are allowing a player–who, by the way, doesn’t even know of their existence and who, an even more insane fact, doesn’t even play for Madrid–to ruin their peace of mind.

When the news about Mbappe started to spiral out of control at the end of last year’s summer window, I made the conscious decision to mute each and every single tweet mentioning his name or his Twitter handle.

Since then, all the news I get about him is either via WhatsApp chats or me, by my own volition, entering the news account profiles on Twitter.

Here’s the thing: ANYONE could do this and live in peace.

However, most prefer to not only hurt their mind by keeping tabs on Mbappe but also spew their anger on news accounts for doing what they are supposed to. Most of them also have a strong sense of entitlement that makes them believe that Kylian Mbappe owes them something.

Darlings, he doesn’t. Nobody does.

The Mbappe transfer saga is showing people’s ugly side

This saga seems to have brought the worst out of people. This saga has shown that people would rather ruin their minds, fight with others, and spread hatred instead of just minding their own business and staying with the peace that comes about with it.

This soap opera has also revealed that the fans may have forgotten that they support Real F**king Madrid. Players will come and go, but the club will stay–and keep winning. This is just a fact. Mbappe, if he doesn’t come, will be like the objects in the rearview mirror as Los Blancos continue the march of eternal glory.

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So, please, stop feeding the flagellant savage within you and channel your inner Buddha.

As Master Shifu said, anything is possible with inner peace.